With 66.2% recycling rate, US Paper Industry remain consistently high

US Paper Industry

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Over the last ten years, the US paper industry has maintained a consistent recycling rate, equaling or exceeding 63% of 2009.

As disclosed by the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), the US paper industry recovered 66.2% out of the nation’s total paper consumption for recycling in yesteryear, remaining consistent since 2009. The recycling rate has almost doubled since the industry’s first goal of paper recycling in 1990.

AF&PA is the trade association of the nation’s paper and wood products industry. It advances public policies that encourage a strong and sustainable US paper, pulp, tissue, packaging, and wood products manufacturing industry in the global marketplace.

Trends for recycling in the US paper industry

According to Heidi Brock, the president and CEO of AF&FA, paper recycling has kept on with the environmental success story by recycling more than double as much paper as is sent to landfills. The year 2019 has recorded recycling of 66.2% of paper and 92% of odd corrugated containers (OCC). The average recycling rate of OCC for the past three years is 92.3%.

Brock has called these figures a proof of industry’s commitment and consumer behavior towards paper recycling. He expects the paper recycling figures to increase further in the future as AF&FA members continue to fund and support manufacturing infrastructure.

What is the need for paper recycling?

The recycling of paper elongates its life and the life of packaging products made of it. A recycled paper can be used at least seven times for innovating and producing new paper products.

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