Waste Management tends to lose support over taking out the trash in the City of Austin


The Waste Management contract in the city of Austin ends on 28th Feb where the council has voted against the association with the organization.

At the city council meeting held in Austin, Texas on 20th February 2020, the members of the council concluded on an emergency contract extension with the Waste Management organization. The main motive was to find an apt solution to the trash collected from city facilities.

With the emergency contract extension, the council has moved its hand in support of disposing of the trash to the Austin Community Landfill in northeast Austin. The representative of northeast Austin showed concern stating how the people are not getting opportunities to enhance their lifestyle in the town. Rather, they are already facing issues with the city’s trash risking the health and awareness of the society. 

What is the real concern?

Proposed by the city members for nearly a year, the contract comes to an end on 28th February 2020. From 1st March, there is no clear idea on how people will be disposing of their trash and where else would the city’s trash end up in.

Many people have gone against Waste Management due to their unprofessionalism, further entitling them as “bad neighbour”.

One of the social environmentalists, Robin Schneider, has been seeking the unity of the people to forbid any discard from the City of Austin. It is about having the best association for recycling and waste management for a better living.

On the other hand, Waste Management has enrolled in transforming the landfill into a transfer station. This would lead to more heap of waste. Waste Management’s view is that the transfer section could bring in more waste with increased vehicle trips every day.

Such a move has not been appreciated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Kim Wood who stayed near the landfill for years now stated that if the City of Austin implements any contracts that becomes a leverage to the Waste Management for building the transfer station.

Leslie Pool, one of the council members, has been surprised by the city staff in relation to the emergency contract request. The disappointment has been due to the inappropriate step towards handing management of waste.

Purchasing department and Austin Resource Recovery are collaborating to associate with a new company for handling the city’s trash. The council members are showcasing their concern towards the expiration of the contract and the mismanagement of the waste/trash. And this has finally led the council to hold a special meeting for the incorporation of a new contract on proper management of the trash.

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