Waste Management Is Collaborating With Sister Companies For Enhancement In U.S Recycling Infrastructure

US recycling infrastructure

As You Sow and Trillium have joined hand to venture with Waste Management for U.S recycling infrastructure in some of the developed areas.

As You Sow and Trillium Asset Management are the two concrete sources deciding to collaborate with Waste Management Inc. Their core engagement towards publishing a report has created a resourceful objective to finding a solution towards recycling crisis in the developed area of the United States. The report pens down on the different issues related to the US recycling infrastructure and discussing the various aspects that need to be updated.

After the ban on China’s import on plastic waste, the recycling collection and processing system in the U.S has seen a drastic fall. While some areas are looking forward to the proper way of collection of the trash, other areas have got no market for the collected recyclable plastics.

Trillium and As You Sow has showcased a shareholder proposal with the Waste Management for 2020. They are seeking ideas for the enhancement in the sale and efforts for boosting recycling rates, especially for plastics.

What is the company going to offer?

The company will help in the identification of plastic recycling infrastructure. They will try to bridge the gap in the development areas of the United States.

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Waste Management will be offering overlaying maps and data highlights for the marketing of recycled plastics including HDPE, PET, and polypropylene.

Apart from this, WM will also consider conditions where they will create a concrete road for the proper identification of the report in collaboration with the company actions and more ideas in the display.

How is recycling infrastructure degrading?

Outdated Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF)

Inefficient MRF resulting in a low capture rate of recyclable materials.

The companies in the association are throwing light on how there could be growth in the recyclable materials through the latest processing equipment, beneficial upgrades and the enhancement in the recycling outputs and yields.

Not only this, the company is taking a step ahead for providing a statement on extended producer responsibility or EPR. EPR is a plan that needs consumer good producers for financing the complete collection and recycle the packaging of plastic materials which is presently paid by the taxpayers. Both the companies have ventured with EPR policies analyzing to acquire good funding and processing structure for embellishing recycling rates.

Senior Vice President of As You Sow stated that less than 10 percent of the plastic waste is recycled and the rest gets exported. The report generated focuses on how these forms of plastic materials could be recycled through stakeholders for increasing recycling rates.

Not only this, As You Sow aims at taking up prolific steps much needed by producer brands, recyclers, processors, regulators as well as advocacy teams for the enhancement in the recycling structure. This will further pave the way for gaining the actual value of the materials and offer feedstock for the recyclable things. Without any proper action, the plastics will turn in the heap of garbage in the landfills polluting the environment.

Such an association by the recycling companies could be a successful venture towards creating recyclable goods and reducing the plastic waste service the best for the greenery of the environment as well as the well-being of the society.

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