Vietnamese Guy Creates Eco-Friendly Grass Straw To Reduce Plastic Waste In The World

Bamboo Straw

Image source: NYK Daily

He created 2 variants of the grass straw. The fresh ones could last up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator while the dried ones till 6 months

Plastic waste has become a huge concern for the world right now. People are looking forward to new initiatives, even the government is trying to implement new rules for waste management. Keeping such a challenge in mind, we are always researching and delving into areas for a natural alternative to plastic.

One of the main areas of concern is the use of plastic straws everywhere. The drinking straws are mainly made of plastic due to which 8.3 billion of such plastic waste pollute the beaches in the world.

One of the most used plastics is drinking straws. Did you know, over 8.3 billion straws pollute world’s beaches? In the US, over 500 million straws are used every day.

With the numbers rising at an enormous rate, there should be the implementation of an alternative source. Because you cannot omit the drinks without straws. So, a man named Tran Minh Tien from Vietnam sourced for a solution.

What is the solution?

  • While before, people used thick paper working as an alternative to plastic. But as it started getting soggy the experience was not that great.
  • While Tran Minh Tien weaved straws sourced from the grass. He found that to be an effective alternative to paper or plastic straws. They are eco-friendly.
  • He uses a particular grass from the Lepironia Articulata — also commonly known as ‘co bang’ in the Mekong Delta region in Vietnam. These straws are toxic-free and edible. Information reveals, chewing the straws help in cleaning gums and teeth.

Process of making the straw –

With the use of this grass, one can make 2 variants of straw – fresh and dried. In both the process, the grass is harvested in the first place, washed properly and cut into straw-sized tubes. The size of which is nearly 20cms. With the use of an iron rod, the shape is given. And the final process includes and cleaning and washing to make it usable.

In terms of the dried grass straw, the same are left under the sun for two to three days, followed by baking in the oven. The duration of fresh straws lasts up to 2 weeks in a refrigerator while the dried ones last as long as 6 months. The price of the fresh and dried straws are 600 Vietnamese dongs (nearly 1.85 rupees) and 1000 Vietnamese dongs (nearly Rs 3) respectively.

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