Victoria is offering nearly $96.5 million to businesses for enhancement in recycling management

recycling management

Victorian government is funding double the amount for the development and growth of recyclable products.

Government of Victoria has increased the money twice, for the businesses for curating the apt strategy and implementing the same for fixing the state’s waste industry. They granted nearly $28 million in the first place, followed by $30 million will be funded in the form of grants for new technology processes. 

These will be formulated for the development of new recyclable products from waste products like glass, plastics, organics, electronic waste, brick and rubber. 

How much money is invested in recycling management?

$10 million is offered to the businesses for more recycling operations.

The other $10 million will be forwarded to waste-for-energy for proper processing of the wastes that cannot be recycled.  

More than $11 million investment for treating hazardous waste for the prevention against the toxic piling of the waste causing a threat to the normal livelihood.

$7 million business innovation centre aims at working on associating with different industries, councils and universities for bringing new technology on recycling waste

The premier, Daniel Andrews, stated that package was the biggest transformation of our recycling system that our state has ever faced. Also China and other countries have made it very clear that we need to take full responsibility for our waste and not simply shift it to the other parts of the world.

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The state government further announced upon a container deposit scheme incorporated by 2023 for bringing Victoria into the limelight. Houses in Victoria have commenced on taking active participation in segregating waste that will help in the recycling management. 

The new funding has been highly appreciated by different industries and associations as this will embellish the recyclable products as well as the market. The Victorian government is taking the initiative to face and curate the solution for the challenges and seeking unity for a successful venture. 

Even the managing director of Coca-Cola has supported such an initiative where the company itself is going to make use of 100 percent recyclable bottles and materials from now on. 

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