Verso to transform into recycling packaging business with the expansion of the mill

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The company revealed the larger production of recycled materials with the conversion of the Minnesota mill.

As per the latest global paper industry news, sources reveal a Minnesota recycled paper mill conversion project has widened. The plan of the project is going to commence from January itself.

In August, paper producer Verso announced regarding the conversion of the mill. The conversion is all about the production of recycled paper packaging. Previously the company acquired 48,000 tonnes of recycled packaging every year.

Last week, the company revealed information on the production of 90,000 tonnes of recycled products every year. With the development of the project, there will be growth in the production of recycled products as well.

No further details have been publicly displayed. The company described the capacity of the production of recycled packaging including containerboard and kraft bags. With the increase in the expansion, there will be more growth in the production of the materials.

The volume will increase in association with the public trading company. Verso is aiming to sell two paper mills. Also, they have been facing issues for the shareholder dispute over the company’s position.

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