Unilever Neste recycling project – collaborative strive

Unilever Neste recycling project

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Unilever Neste recycling project in association with Recycling Technologies to channelize chemical recycling for plastic packaging.

Recycling Technologies teamed up with Unilever Neste Recycling Project that swears on the development and harnessing chemical recycling techniques. The aim of the three-year-long project is to recover and reuse plastic packaging buried or exported from the UK. 

Unilever, Recycling Technologies and Neste team up on chemical recycling project

Awarded with £3.1m from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), this three-year collaborative could be a sign of huge development in transforming the recycling industry. With the use of chemical recycling, business sectors could adapt to conduct hard-to-recycle plastic packaging recyclable. 

What is the concept of chemical recycling here? 

  • The idea of Recycling Technologies is to take up the waste plastic packaging and process it to churn out into an oil called Plaxx. 
  • As per the recycling industry latest news, the oil will be transferred to Neste for analyzing and testing its quality. 
  • This could further reach for the production of new and virgin-quality plastics. 
  • Unilever associated with the other companies to bring an innovative insight on recycling for packaging. 

The new association will help in recycling hard-to-recycle waste plastic materials. The collaboration of Recycling Technologies and Neste will help in refining and improving the technologies for enhanced production of products acquire from waste plastic and increase the supply chain of the same. 

Executive Vice President of Unilever UK & Ireland showcases huge pleasure with the new association. This developing solution could be a boon to hard-to-recycling plastics and its products. Unilever is focusing on diminishing the number of virgin plastics by 2025. The collaboration with companies and recycling industry will work as a catalyst for bringing in innovative solutions. 


The fraternizing efforts for chemical recycling are one of the exemplifying technological achievements towards environmental sustainability through research and innovation.

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