Total Fiber Recovery announces to build Recycled Pulp Plant.

Total Fiber Recovery

The Oregon based company Total Fiber Recovery (TFR) has proclaimed the establishment of its first recycled pulp plant in Virginia, the city of Chesapeake.

Total Fiber Recovery is a domestic limited liability company led by Steve Miller, the CEO of Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) and Eric Herbert, President of BHS. In a recent declaration, the company has unveiled its plan of establishing a unique but proven technological process for the purification and pulping of recovered fiber. The plant will be established in Virginia, with an investment of $49 million at a target of processing 300,000 tons of mixed paper and OCC per year.

As per TFR, this initiative will not only create 68 new jobs but also raise the regional capacity of processing recycled fiber, which otherwise has remained scanty due to international restrictions. Moreover, the increased supply at the domestic end will encourage a reduction in recycled fiber prices and additional recycling costs bore by communities.

The Virginia project of TFR is expected to come under operations in 2021. This mixed paper recycling company will create pulp products by mixing mixed paper and OCC. With domestic and international agreements in place, these pulp products will then be sent to paper plants for becoming new products.

In views of Eric Herbert, North America houses some of the most advanced Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) that cater to the paper industries’ demand for recycled pulp. The only thing it misses is the capacity to achieve goals, and TFR offers the same.

In a recent interview, Mr. Herbert praised Americans’ concern towards waste management and highlighted his excitement of joining their mission. He credited the local leadership of Chesapeake for his vision-realization and appreciated the support of Mayor West, the Chesapeake City Council, the Port of Virginia, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, and Governor Northam.

Ever since Total Fiber Recovery has disclosed its idea of recycled pulp plant, it is gaining praises. A few high-points of the acclamations given by some principal bodies are:

  • As per Governor Northam, TFR’s innovation will make the city of Chesapeake a significant producer of recycled fiber. He thanked the company for creating new jobs and investing in the Commonwealth.
  • Brian Ball, the secretary of Commerce and Trade, applauded TFR for inaugurating their recycled pulp production facility in the city of Chesapeake. As per him, TFR’s pulp product will be a boon for the city’s economy.
  • The Mayor of the city of Chesapeake, Dr. Richard W. “Rick” West, showed his happiness on TFR’s decision. He claimed that this initiative of TFR will benefit the city with increased jobs and economical advancements. As per him, this project of TFR will shed light on the city’s support towards reusing and recycling of resources.
  • The Virginia Port Authority’s CEO and Executive Director, John F. Reinhart, welcomed TFR, referring to it as the latest example of Virginia’s manufacturing base expansion.

Most of them have highlighted the global presence of the Port of Virginia as the primary reason behind TFR’s choice of location for its recycled pulp plant.

From the time China has limited imports, several domestic recycled fiber processing capacity expansions have been announced, and The Virginia project is an addition to this count.

The project is under operations through local zoning regulations from the past one year. Its latest update includes the casting of vote by the Chesapeake Planning Commission in favor of approving modifications to a conditional use permit for paper recycling facility. As depicted in an application completed for the planning process, this facility is located on the riverfront and allows access by barge.

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