Tissue production during COVID-19 goes all-time high in the US

Tissue production during COVID-19

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Tissue production during COVID-19 in American mills has crossed all the previous high-level records of the industry since 2007.

March statistics of the paper and wood products industry of the United States have revealed nearly 700,000 short tons of tissue production during COVID-19. This rate accounts for over 4 pounds of tissue per US resident.

AF&PA’s analysis of tissue production during pandemic

During the collection of monthly historical data, the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), the trade consortium of the US paper and wood products industry, discovered about this all-time high production of tissue paper in thirteen years. The association has claimed of delivering above 22,000 short tons of parent roll tissue each day in February and March.

According to Heidi Brock, president, and CEO of AF&PA, the member companies of the association have been strongly surviving this hard time of health crisis. They have touched new thresholds of daily production for meeting the everyday, essential, and unusual requirements of tissue products.

Hygiene has become a major concern for people to avoid coronavirus. As a result of which, the demand for products like paper towels and bathroom tissue has gone up unprecedently. As per Brock, both – male and female workers of the paper and wood industry have been working consistently to ensure the fulfillment of these prodigious requirements.

Brock has highlighted the way US paper and wood industry has been handling tissue production during COVID-19. As per him, the industry has been as smoothly catering to the additional product requirements of the global market as it does fifty-two weeks each year. He has affirmed to have heartened by this freshly explored industry’s ability and its commitment towards safety.

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