Tiruchi City Corporation orders the retraction and recycling of plastic waste

plastic waste

Source : The Hindu

As per a report of The Hindu, fifteen corporate leaders, including Hindustan Lever and Reliance, came under the radar of Tiruchi City Corporation for inducing plastic waste from their products.

Recently, the plastic outflow has raised to a level where every second, several tons of it is thrown into the rivers and piled over the ground. This carelessly abandoned junk is later consumed by the innocent marine and terrestrial animals. The grave repercussion of which is their untimely and undeserving death.

Recognizing these continuously worsening effects of plastic on nature, the government has now girded up to control its usage. In the same regard, lately, Tiruchi City Corporation surveyed various places around the city for checking the measures taken by manufacturers for collecting and disposing of their plastic waste.

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This examination caught several top-ranked organizations violating the waste management provisions established by the government in the Solid Waste Management (SWM) Rules, 2016.

Rule 17 of SWM says

· A financial assistance for establishing waste management systems should be provided to the respective local bodies by the companies who utilize plastic for packaging and by the manufacturers of disposable products.

· In the case of non-biodegradable packaging materials, an active system should be there to collect such waste.

· Diaper and Sanitary napkins’ producers should include wrappers in each packet for ensuring their proper disposal.

Rule 3h and 9 says

· The plastic waste generating companies should institute a waste-disposal mechanism either with their respective local bodies or on their own within six months from the publication of rules.

As revealed by Mr. Sivasubramanian, the commissioner of Tiruchi Corporation, these inspected organizations had neither self-established any system for collecting and disposing of their plastic waste nor provided any financial assistance to the authorized bodies for doing so. He said that even after three years of the notifications passed by SWM, no company seemed to have bothered about following them. 

With the perspective of reining in this worsening situation of speedily increasing plastic waste, the corporation has notified fifteen market leaders for taking back plastic wrappers from their products. It has given a time limit of 15 days from the receipt of the notices to these companies for working out proper waste disposal and retraction mechanism, failing to which the companies will attract some strict actions from the corporation.

The civic body has also collected the details of several other organizations that have marketed their similar products in the city limit. Shortly, it will send the same notices to them too. 

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