Tigers eating plastic prove the inadequacy of the plastic waste recycling

plastic waste recycling

image source: udaipurkiran.in

The viral image of tigers mouthing a broken plastic bucket has certified the unrepairable destruction of nature and exposed our negligence towards plastic waste recycling.

In the last few decades, we have shifted from bicycles to cars, letters to mobiles, and from trees to air conditioners. Undoubtedly, we have gained massive success in improving our lifestyles. But, these luxuries have cost us a vast and un-refundable amount i.e., our nature. On the name of luxury, we have covered our earth with high heaps of none recyclable plastic waste and other plastic products.

And it is the result of this that now and then we come across such plastic-eating images of land and aquatic animals and birds. This image of tigers has been shared by IFS Parveen Kaswan on Twitter, with an image credit given to Trikansh Sharma. In the caption of the image, Mr. Kaswan showed his anger and concern on the growing plastic menace on forests and oceans. 

Last year, a similar series of images went viral where a jaguar was seen dragging a plastic bottle out of a river and struggling to eat it. That scene was witnessed and captured by photographer Paul Goldstein in Pantanal, which is the largest tropical wetland of the world, located in Brazil.

Concerning these disastrous impacts of plastic on nature, several individuals and companies have started directing their attention towards controlling plastic generation and recycling plastic bottles and other waste. Some start-ups are even utilizing plastic trash in manufacturing best-recycled plastic products like recycled plastic tiles, recycled plastic sheets, etc. Their focus is to end the existence of single-use plastic by replacing it with more biodegradable materials. 

Though it is hard to remove the already existing plastic from the earth altogether, its disposal trends can surely be altered. From a little fish to a giant jaguar, every life is equally important. Hence, the disposal of plastic into nature must be banned for saving the presence of these living creatures and preserving the endangered species. 

Plastic manufacturers and those who use plastic in production and packaging should look-out for better nature-friendly replacements to avoid the generation and collection of more plastic waste on the planet.

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