The Trident launched Kraft Paper – from engineering to pioneering

Trident launched Kraft Paper

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At a time when climate change, environment care, plant earth kind of words are buzzing world over, the Trident launched Kraft Paper which gives eyes gleam for the manufactures and consumers allied to the paper industry. Kraft paper is produced from chemical pulp produced through the conversion of wood into wood pulp. These papers do have high elasticity, tear resistance, are recyclable, and can be used for packaging, floor covering, paint masking, etc. The compounded annual growth rate for this industry is anticipated to flourish at 5.5% over the forecast period and Trident Group’s foray into this segment will be the trailblazer’s episode.

‘Kraft Paper’ now will be a segment of Trident’s market sector

  • Of-late, the Trident launched Kraft Paper and Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (IPPTA) organized a session on the rising opportunities with COVID-19 for paper mills. The final result of that session for Paper Mills was that it will change and adjust to a great extent for new developments in paper products, and sweeten the ideal fit of paper mills and orchestrate the strategy of marketing in congruence with the customer behavior.
  • The large Printing and Writing paper mills are tuning fresh growth of merchandise such as the Kraft Paper in India. Considering the ephemeral ultimatum which is an outcome of COVID-19, the Trident group has only conducted a testing production of virgin grade unbleached Kraft paper on PM-1.
  • Furthermore, the Trident Paper tried to scout the business feasibility in the selling of Kraft Paper after ‘Shree Rama Newsprint and Khanna Papers’. In a sole talk to ‘’The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr. Naveet Jindal, CEO- Paper & Chemical Business at Trident Group expressed, ” we only conducted a test production of Kraft Paper to search a new segment and keenly looking for the reaction of our customers”. According to them, it is financially astute, pragmatic, and has strong market demand it might become official portfolio products of Trident, ‘he further added.

Potential merits of Kraft Paper

Trident generates 100% virgin grade Kraft of 80, 90, and 100 GSM up to 32 BF. According to Mr. Jindal the top benefits of Kraft Paper are:

  • The customer can happily buy the product for high durability and excellent printability performance.
  • The texture of quite rippling and competency to beat other products existing in the marketplace.
  • Virgin Kraft Paper is competent to take the place of the upper coating of White paper which is used in coverage and can easily be used in the manufacturing of paper carry bag. The raw material which is used in the production is wood pulp and wheat straw to fabricate the virgin grade paper.
  • Mr. Jindal added, ‘we already sent samples to distributors in the crossways of India and most likely estimated to get the opinion in around 8 to 10 days.’


Trident launched Kraft Paper which is going to have a pioneering impact for commercial and non-commercial usage. With its eco-friendly attribute, the consequential imprint on the environment would also be a lasting impression for future generations. The Trident’s “Kraft Paper” is going to be the new “Craft Zapper” in the paper industry segment.

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