The increasing concern of consumers towards sustainable packaging

sustainable packaging

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According to a recent survey, a majority of consumers prefer paying more for sustainable packaging over using an environment-harming wrapper.

Trivium, a leading packaging solutions provider, surveyed South America, Europe, and the United States to analyze sustainability impacts on consumer behavior. The 59% of 15,000 people who were reviewed under this study chose sustainable packaging, revealing their unlikeliness to purchase products in polluting covers.

79% of global consumers favor sustainable packaging

The day-by-day increasing pollution on earth has become a menace for earthlings now. They have begun to turn more cautious towards their health and steadily degrading environment. And prefer to use eco-friendly products. They now perceive the need to safeguard the planet from more contamination, and that is the reason why around 74% of global consumers favor paying extra for sustainable packets.

The packaging is one of the prime sources of pollution. From a little bar of chocolate to a massive wheat sack, covering is crucial for all to maintain hygiene. But, once used, these purposeless wrappers are disposed out to exist on the planet forever. We have created mountains of such non-degradable trashes in the outers of almost all the cities.

Analysis of sustainability impacts on consumer behavior

  • Around 7,000 participants out of 15,000 refused to buy products wrapped in environmentally harmful ways.
  • 59% of the participants confirmed their less likeliness to shop products covered in polluting wrappings.
  • 53% of the participants talked about their wish and wait for updates related to recycling or sustainability on the packaging. They revealed of looking for the same each time they purchase.

The survey has noticed a shift in consumers’ behavior concerning environmental damages caused by polluting coverings. As observed in its findings, more and more purchasers are now inclining towards sustainable packaging, with a desire to kick out harmful materials from the environment.

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