The comeback of the US Recycling Policy after COVID-19

US recycling policy after COVID-19

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In its recent two-hours long discussion, a Senate Committee has unfolded challenges faced by the US recycling policy after COVID-19 led suspension.

The otherwise bolstering recycling industry across the US suddenly weakened this year as the coronavirus crisis took hold on all the big and small economic and non-economic activities worldwide. But now, the US recycling policy after COVID-19 seems to rebound even stronger than before.

To nurture this coming back of the recycling industry, during the discussion, the Senate Committee asked industry experts for advising the help that Congress and the Federal Government could render to address the current recycling industry challenges.

Responding to it, Bridget Croke, MD, Closed Loop Partners, suggested similar assistance for the recycling sector what the producers of virgin raw materials have been receiving. And Megan Stasz, VP – Packaging & Sustainability, Consumer Brands Association, advised the federal government to help recyclers with data collection and standardization for deciding recycling rates.

State-wise Comeback of the US Recycling Policy after COVID-19


A bill that encourages recycling market development reached the governor’s desk passing through both legislative chambers. According to reports, this bill directs the state’s environmental agency to:

– Plan for a recycling end-market development center

– Design policy and legal recommendations for helping manufacturers

– Organize a statewide recycling outreach campaign

  • California

A statewide commission was established by the legislative action on ‘recycling markets and curbside recycling’ to create policy recommendations for:

– Increasing post-consumer recyclables’ and recycled-content products’ demand in the market

– High-quality feedstocks yielding recycling systems

The commission will help the state meet the objectives of waste and emission reduction and market development.

  • Michigan

The recycling industry’s latest news from this state is about a series of six bills that would reshape the state’s solid waste system by incorporating the facilities of recycling and other materials recovery into state regulations. The reforms are part of Michigan’s plan to reach a 45% recycling rate and shift focus from “solid waste management” to “materials management.”

  • New Jersey

In the last month’s state senate, a bill was introduced that mandates recycled content inclusion in various packaging types, including glass containers, plastic containers, reusable carryout bags, paper carryout bags, and plastic trash bags, etc. It also bans polystyrene packaging peanuts sale. The bill is now under a committee-review.

  • Florida

A contamination-related bill was signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis last month. This long-discussed bill states recycling haulers and residential recycling programs’ contract-requirements, contaminated recyclable material constitution, and the course of action expected from both the parties in case of contamination.

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