Terracycle Babybel Recycling Program – infusing synergy

Terracycle Babybel Recycling Program

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The incarnated collaboration encompassing Terracycle Babybel Recycling Program is expected to set new benchmarks for the industry.

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  • The announcement of Bel Group in tandem venturing with the TerraCycle Recycling Program is getting the captioning buzz in the recycling industry.
  • While BabyBel is known for its food products, TerraCycle has carved its niche in recycling programs including its flagship free national recycling programs for consumers. The TerraCycle’s specialization in recycling materials has given the business food for thought, why not to give a second life to the packaging products. And yes, the thought invoked, provoked, and evoked the right way resulting in BabyBel and TerraCycle Joint Venture.
  • The per annum Canadian sales of Babybel products will experience recycling in millions by encouraging customers’ participation in the recycling of products. For this purpose, the customers have to register on the TerraCycle website.
  • The program aims to supplement the mission of the Bel Group to provide congenial and healthy food without causing any harm to the environment.
  • Under this program the packaging recycling goes through a number of stages namely collection, melting, and remolding.
  • TerraCycle Recycling Program is going to take within its ambit all forms of BabyBel’s packaging such as cellophane, mesh, and labels to be recycled and transformed into plastic pellets, metal fasteners into gaskets, nuts or bolts, and wax into candles.
  • The customers who have registered on the TerraCycle website and then dispatch the recyclable packaging material to TerraCycle without any transportation cost. The customers will be able to earn reward points with each shipment which is redeemable in the form of a donation to any non-profit organization. However, to ensure efficiency and environmentalism it is recommended to despatch only the full rather than the shallow packages.
  • As per the Global recycling industry latest news BabyBel is envisioning to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment through enterprising collaborated efforts with TerraCycle. It aims to culminate in its vision by 2025.
  • Cristine Laforest, General Manager of Bel Canada, expressed with exciting delight that they will be able to prevent materials from ending up in landfills. She further emphasized the need for encouraging consumers to work in sync with them to give Mini Babybel’s packaging a second life.
  • The range of recycling inculcated by the BabyBel TerraCycle joint venture is further expected in innovative eco-design policy and optimizing packaging eco-efficiency.


Though the recycling programs of varied minds and visions are prevalent across the Globe this BabyBel TerraCycleone of its kind where two giants come together for environmental sustainability. The business tycoons partnering for recycling their participation will also infuse the sense of connectivity and responsibility in their citizen’s souls.

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