Taking inspiration from online videos, PDO in Mangalore builds walls from waste plastic bottles

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When Muthappa, the Subramanya panchayat development officer saw a Youtube video on plastic waste management, he thought of trying it out.

Nearly a month ago, Muthappa, Subramanya Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) watched an online video over Youtube about a month ago. There he learnt about making a wall with the help of waste plastic bottles. The panchayat had no plans of constructing a wall as a part of solid waste management in India. The people working there have been receiving a large number of waste plastic bottles. After getting the bottles segregated from the plant, he decided to make use of this in a form of solid waste management.

As per top-notch sources and Times of India, Muthappa stated they received chunks of plastic bottles which they sold at Rs 10 per kg. Nearly a month ago, he saw this Youtube video of construction a wall with plastic bottles, there he got the idea of trying it out. The 5 feet wall which is about 100 feet in length were constructed last week.

The bottles are filled with mud and sand and systematically placed. Bisleri brand waste plastic bottles have been put to use which is 1.5 litres. In between, after every metre, a 1.5-inch wall with stones and bricks are made for the support.

The labourers shared online video while working in the plant. And shared the story through their venture. Total of 5000 bottles has been put to use. The wall was built for an experimental basis, which is further appreciated by engineers and people are coming to visit the site as well.

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