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sustainable packaging solutions

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DS Smith, a preeminent sustainable packaging solutions company, and Aquapak, a prolific developer of biodegradable polymer, are concatenating to advance for posterity.

The coalition synergies

  • The alliance for aforesaid sustainable packaging solutions featuring various acclaimed prolific developers will now continue to develop practical applications after a phase of test runs with the integrated products, concentrating on both efficiency and reusability.
  • DS Smith is the top paper and cardboard recycler in Europe which work around in 15 countries, and sourced in 2018/19, almost 1.5 million tonnes of fibre.
  • It encompasses a series of fibre-based packaging where conventional plastic films can be substituted with HydropolTM from Aquapak, a biodegradable and water-soluble material which can dissolve completely in warm or hot water and will significantly bolster the recyclability. Nick Thompson, materials development director for DS Smith claims, “Associated with our wide range of packaging applications, Aquapak’s technical developments in novel barrier chemistry will help us to effectively address jointly in many of the most pressing issues of packaging recyclability”.
  • Further he added that results will be instant, and our priorities are committed to giving recyclable packaging goods a systemic approach”. The partnership will provide sustainable packaging solutions for the market. We integrate our recycling and waste management groups and technical expertise with an unparalleled recycling system to help companies maximize the amount they recycle, minimize costs and reduce the environmental impact of its products.
  • “Our companies are focused to reducing plastic waste at source, and we can help to accelerate the roll-out of recyclable, biodegradable packaging for the circular economy by putting efforts together,” adds Mark Lapping, CEO of Aquapak Polymers.
  • DS Smith’s future agreement with Aquapak will help the long-term sustainability objectives of the company, including the production of 100% recycled or recyclable packaging by 2025. With an emphasis on addressing products that are difficult to recycle, with the help of this biodegradable technology, lower levels of contamination in the recycling and paper making process will be achieved.

Trending waves

  • The alliance aims to develop the demand for recycled packaging in the recycling industry with potential reach throughout a wide range of industries. This brings the potential to reduce single-use plastic waste and promote efficient recycling for both consumers and recyclers in close relationships between customers.
  • In order to create world class eco-friendly packaging solutions, innovations and developments on this front will remain the key drivers.
  • The whole idea revolves around three elements namely reduce, reuse and recycle. For every decision to be taken by any sustainable packaging company, the impact on the planet, its people, its customers, and its employees, needs to be at the helm of whole thought-process.
  • One need to constantly effort towards lowering the environmental footprint through innovation, research, continuous improvement, and creative solutions.


The development velocity of material science and packaging engineering has resulted in eco-friendly packaging options in the market that can take care of wide range of products.

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