Sustainable Packaging in India – building blocks through roadblocks

sustainable packaging in India

The recent surge in environment for saving earth has even caused an impact on the culture of global brands advocating sustainable packaging in India.

Recyclable packaging

  • Of-late the packaging innovations have taken off to a decent altitude for ensuring sustainable packaging in India by introducing the indispensable paper recycling and a conducive infrastructure.
  • The e-commerce market pioneer Amazon has eliminated single-use plastic and launched fully recyclable packaging viz. paper cushion as a substitute for infusing an environment-friendly packaging in its supply chain systems.
  • In order to reduce waste generated from secondary packaging, Amazon also introduced packaging-free shipments and cut down using packaging mailers and bubble bags to a great extent.

Promising future prospects

  • The sustainable packaging market in India as well as globally is going to be a non-superfluous future.
  • The Acumen Research and Consulting, a global provider of market intelligence and consulting services, forecasts a compounded annual growth rate of around 7% for the period 2019-2026 with respect to the overall global sustainable packaging market.

Sustainable packaging – setting in motion

  • Many entities are propelling to develop a sustainable packing market in India such as Bengaluru-based Packmile which is having a niche in providing biodegradable and recyclable kraft paper products.
  • For transiting to paper products through plastic recycling the efforts are required to be channelized in mobilizing and churning eco-friendly materials like bamboo, glass, metal, silicone, and the like.
  • Further, the right packaging entails considering factors such as lifecycle analysis, shipment, product safety, product handling, conditions of the container, and other ancillary aspects, which cannot be neglected while switching over to the sustainable packing market in India or across the globe.

Indian packaging brands leading the way

  • The Indian packaging industry is spearheading through its pioneers and crafting a conscious call for other players in the industry.
  • To exemplify, the paper-tapes are substitutes for replacing plastic-tapes, CORM (corrugated box recycling machine) could replace thermocol and so on.
  • One of the very basic features captured by the industry in sustainable packaging is biodegradable packaging which is decomposable without any traces of left-overs.
  • Vishal Bhandari, founder of SoulTree expresses that using biodegradable sachets in the Ayurvedicface packs is another step for promoting environment-friendly packing as-well-as organic farming which generates sustainable livelihoods in rural communities.
  • The retail industry is also sprinting with the plans to replace plastic packaging with fully reusable or recyclable substitutes. For instance, L’Oréal Paris’ Seed Phytonutrients, a personal care brand, has plans to make 100% of its packaging refillable or compostable by 2025.
  • Further, pursuant to the guidelines of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the online venture Nykaa has also established a recycling system for the packaging of its beauty products.


With the industry scholars leading the way for sustainable packaging through recycling, reusing, or compostable mechanisms, the Indian, as well as global markets, will surely leave ‘green prints’ for future generations.

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