Sustainable Fibre Drums: Packaging Industry new launch

sustainable fibre drums

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Following its tradition of continuous improvement, Greif has now introduced sustainable fibre drums as a recyclable packaging material.

Greif, Inc. is over 140 years old, globally leading provider of industrial packaging products and services. With the introduction of sustainable fibre drums, the company has added a new milestone in its 12 years sustainability journey.

What is a fibre drum?

Fibre Drum is a multipurpose and enduring packaging material for products that may require heat, cold, and resistance. It is an environmental-friendly and cost-effective alternative to steel and plastic.

What makes a fibre drum sustainable?

  • The low energy manufacturing process
  • Use of renewable raw materials

What are the benefits of a sustainable fibre drum?

  1. Strength

It is perfect for the safe transportation of solids, semi-liquids, pastes, powders, and other hazardous materials.

  • Durability

This container is a boon to the recycling industry as the recycling and reusing of this material are comparatively easy than plastic recycling.

  • Cost-effective

The availability of its several sizes makes it pocket-friendly for consumers. They only pay for what is needed, preventing wastage of unnecessary space and thereby, extra cost.

  • UV Protection

Apart from providing ultra-violet protection, it gives thermal insulation and electrostatic inertia to its content.

  • Lightweight & easy to use

The lightweight of fiber drums makes their filling and dispensing easy and efficient.

About Greif & its tradition of sustainability

Greif, Inc, is a leading producer of industrial-grade containers. It realizes the importance of customers and their respective costumers in the success of a business. The company aims to become a global leader in industrial packaging’s customer service.

Greif understands that making huge changes in a short period is not practical. Therefore, it has been ushering several small, but incremental changes to the packaging industry

It has introduced The Greif Green Tool that provides facts about the possible positive impacts which can occur by changing material, construction, or design. The company helps its customers in meeting their zero waste to landfill sustainability goals.

On its path to improvement and sustainability, with the same objective of serving the best customer service, Greif has introduced lightweight, environment-friendly, low-cost, and sustainable fibre drums. The company promises to recycle almost all All-Fi and Ro-Con constructions at Greif mills, and drums with barriers and liners at its Austell, GA.

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