South Africa is all set for the creating waste disposal unit for the enhanced waste management process

south africa waste management

South Africa has commenced on the construction of its waste disposal unit in Cape Town for proper waste management in the country

South Africa is all set to start working on its first construction on the waste disposal facility. The first to get this all started with proper planning and structure will be in Cape Town. Speaking on the latest global waste management news, the district municipality of Cape Town went through a thorough consultation process.

As per the Southern African Faith Communities, Environmental Affairs MEC Anton Bredell stated that the residents and municipalities have associated for a consultation on the project, for the commencement of an embellished result. Mr Anton further stated that South Africa had been undergoing serious issues related to waste disposal and waste management.

The country is losing out on landfill space and the environmental concern is becoming a huge issue that needs to be tackled properly.

Waste disposal segments

  • The first area is located in the Mossel Bay that aims in tackling the issues of the rising heap of waste. The waste management site covers the area of nearly 115 hectares and the landfill of the mixed waste creates a heap of the mountain with a height of nearly 12 metres.
  • There are nearly 3 individual domestic waste cells and one segregated for hazardous waste. It will be serving the places including Bitou, Knysna, George and Mossel Bay.
  • It will be customized designed to acquire all the domestic waste from Hessequa and Oudtshoorn Municipalities after the construction is done. The project is all about formulating 500 temporary and 60 permanent jobs during the course of the construction process.
  • The waste disposal facility will have a warranty for nearly 30 years. The construction of the facility will involve a domestic waste cell and a separate waste cell for hazardous waste.

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The initiative is about creating a proper waste disposal facility to the main municipal centres of Cape Town. The facility centres are made available to Mossel Bay, George and Knysna municipalities. The formulation of the project will be in a step by step process for the management of green waste, construction and demolition waste.

Not only this, there are a huge amount of waste transport services entitled to George Municipality. It will be for transporting domestic waste that will be taken from Uniondale and George Waste Transfer Station to the main facility of the ongoing project. Other architectures of the process/project include the roads, storage dams, offices, weighbridge, security infrastructure and much more.

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