Several Chinese Companies Are Investing for Recycling and waste management Industry in America

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Different Chinese companies have owned old paper mills for the proper operation of handing and manufacturing of virgin and recycled goods. 

Chinese paper companies have ventured into opening their offices in the U.S. As per the latest recycling and waste management news, the new journey to America is a step towards helping in the process of exporting recycled pulp. 

With the implementation of China’s new policies, the ban on the import of scrapped recyclable materials commenced from 2018. And the incorporation of the same has faced a negative impact in the global recycling market. 

The Vice President of Industry Collaboration at Recycling Partnership stated that the recycling industry faced significant changes with the implementation of China’s laws which already began  in 2013. This change was brought through a Custom Enforcement action known as Operation Green Fence.

Basically, environmental policies were cracked down in 2013 in the month of February. All the recovered plastic shipments to China declined by 99 percent in 2017-18. 

With the implementation of the public awareness campaign, citizens of China moved ahead in presenting a documentary to its people called “Plastic China”. The documentary professed on the different series of policies like Green Fence, Blue Sky and National Sword making an attempt in the market for omittance of unmanageable waste in China

Still, at the same time, scrap recyclable materials were welcomed in China. But once, China became aloof of the dreading condition occurring in their country, the government imposed stern actions and policies towards not entertaining the import of such waste in China. This has further become an eye-opener for the other developed countries especially America. 

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Countries are collaborating with different companies for the generation of innovative ideas on recycling methods and waste management opportunities. Different American companies are upgrading their methodology for the same aspect. 

On the other hand, the Chinese companies opening their offices in America are acquiring the ownership of old paper mills in the country for enough production of scrap materials, supporting China’s manufacturing decay. 

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