Sappi launches Ultracast Viva: new line of textured casting papers

new line of textured casting papers

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Sappi has introduced a new line of textured casting papers – Ultracast Viva for solvent-free casting systems, PU, semi-PU, and high-fidelity PVC.

Sappi Casting and Release is one of the prime manufacturers and suppliers of different papers, dissolving pulp, and packaging products. With its latest launch of Ultracast Viva, new line of textured casting papers, the company goes on with setting proactive sustainability practices. 

With over 80 years of expertise, the company is leading the release paper industry in the field of technology evolution and innovation. Before Ultracast Viva, Sappi ushered the first microtextures to the market in 2016.

Sappi offers more than 150 textures options to customers on the Sappi Release Textures App. The textures are available to all the brand owners and coated fabric manufacturers. These forward-looking textures and products of the company leverage the ultra-modern technologies of its Westbrook Mill, Maine.

Sappi’s Director of Release Strategy, Mark Hittie, has called Ultracast Viva a natural next step to the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally sustainable manufacturing. He has claimed to meet global demands with this new line of textured casting papers. According to Mark, the company is proud to set a standard for textures with high-fidelity and less environmental impact.

Some of the significant features of Ultracast Viva are increased reusability, reduced curl, and ease of handling with scaled-up temperature limits for PU, semi-PU, and PVC. In views of the Production Director of Anli Corporation Limited, Sappi’s new product line provides reliable quality, high efficiency, and easy release for Anli’s PU production.

Ultracast Viva – a proactive invention for solvent-free systems

The European Union and China have been implementing regulations that restrict or abolish solvent-based casting systems for controlling chemical waste and pollution. Resultantly, several global leaders in the textile and fashion industry have been adopting the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Program.

These changing regulations of solvent-based casting systems in different countries are believed to be the prime reasons behind the invention of Ultracast Viva. This new line of textured casting papers is the first of its kind innovation in the industry, which has high-fidelity and is compatible with solvent-free systems.

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