Request to continue Box and Container-board supply in epidemic

box and container-board supply in epidemic

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During the upsurge of COVID – 19, when everything across the globe is going on hold, box makers tout essential role, requesting the continuation of the box and container-board supply in epidemic.

Recently, CITPA, an International Confederation of Paper and Board Converters in Europe, and Fibre Box Association, a US-based non-profit organization representing the corrugated industries, have issued statements urging uninterrupted box and container-board supply in epidemic.

In their statements, the US and Europe Associations have given prominence to the urgency of continuing their industries amid lockdown. As COVID – 19 has put shutters on several sectors all around the country, the packaging sector has been making every effort to keep itself in action.

As per CITPA, paper and board packaging sector should be included in the “green corridors,” and the free-flow of its raw materials and goods should be allowed across the borders. The confederation has justified its request by calling packaging a necessity for the safe distribution of medicines and food. 

The Secretary-General of CITPA, Angelika Christ, has voiced her industries’ request for allowing cross-border transport of packaging materials essential for food and medical sectors.

Christ has also talked about the calls that CITPA has been making to European Commission and member states who are in the process of developing the lists of critical or essential sectors. With these calls, CITPA wants to ensure that paper and board packaging manufacturing and its related services get similar recognition. 

Dennis Colley, the CEO and President of the Fibre Box Association, has referred corrugated cardboard packaging industry as ‘the backbone’ of the American supply chain. This industry delivers essential wrapping materials to almost all the crucial sectors, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and grocery stores. 

As per the Fibre Box Association, the corrugated cardboard box manufacturers have been continually working under the directions of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The objective behind its sustained operations is to ensure a steady flow of packaging materials to the makers of crucial products like food, medicines, etc. As per the association, the unavailability of these materials can lead its prime and national’s essential consumers to some severe adversities.

The association has also told about joining the American Forest & Paper Association in the process of convincing local, state, and federal governments to designate the corrugated packaging industry as “essential.” 

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