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Recycling of Tetra Pak cartons

Recycling of Tetra Pak cartons is made possible on account of its substantial (around 75%) paper-based and wood fiber configuration. This in turn leaves back a lower or negligible carbon footprint.

Turnaround with recycling Tetra Pak

  • Recycling and rotundness are key crites for packaging. A circular economy hinges on sustainable supply chains for recycling of tetra Pak cartons which affirm the process of compiling and grouping. Although the Tetra Brik has been in the vicinity since the 1960s, the response was generally no, until pretty recently, Tetra Pak “Brik” was catapulted into the bin along with your non-recyclable grocery waste and other households that were meant to be sent to trash.
  • Times have evolved now and local authorities are largely willing to support them with additional reprocessed materials. The Tetra Pak “brick” swoops in all types and sizes, from fruit juice to milk and yogurt also labeled as Fruity Box and can be recycled?
  • So yes you can recycle your Tetra Pak presently!
  • A low-carbon circular economy and Paper Recycling Industry has turned a new leaf over, because it would have the right to run for India. Recycling is a key catalyst cause for this, making it possible for customers to make the right decision and choose packaging that is based largely on renewable materials and recyclable. 
  • The universal Tetra Pak Carton is a classic example of this. The recycling of tetra Pak cartons can take place in myriad ways to produce new items that will benefit the community a little sooner. These are characterized by the features of being lightweight, transportable, fully recyclable, aseptically tuned and preservatives dispensable.
  • Tetra Pak is the regional steering company for food processing and packaging solutions. Coordinated with virtually all customers and manufacturers, it produces coffer, creative, and environmentally friendly goods that address the needs of hundreds of millions of people across over 160 countries around the clock. With more than 24,000 workers worldwide, it is clinging to hope for responsible sector leadership and a sustainable growth strategy. Its slogan, “PROTECTS WHAT ‘S GOODTM,” depicts the dream of cooking things safe and available, all the way.
  • Tetra Pak President and CEO Adolfo Orive states, “To reduce their operating costs and improve efficiency to stay competitive, our customers need faster, better and cheaper technologies. We engage in client retention technologies and new goods, and the growth of e-commerce.
  • Further, he added, “Our solutions are designed primarily to be as resource-wise as feasible. Varieties of products that can be manufactured or packaged in our manufacturing and packaging layers include dairy products, desserts, ice cream, cheese, fruit and vegetables, and animal feed. We prioritize keeping both raw materials and energy used at least during all the manufacturing processes”.


Therefore, if your previous belief was that your Tetra Pak brick could not be recycled, you’re wrong now you can rest easy in the knowledge that your old carton could be part of plastic lawn furniture, grocery containers or construction equipment for future shopping!

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