Recovered Paper Quality Certification Aim – corroborating candour

Recovered Paper Quality Certification

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The move for Recovered Paper Quality Certification Aim is going to manifest the qualitative perceptions about the paper.

Ensuring quality by assuring insights

  • The recyclers are soon going to capitalize the qualitative elements with Recovered Paper Quality Certification Aim on anvil.
  • With the certification program, the customers will be getting enhanced degree of credibility over the quality of the product on one hand and on the other hand, the suppliers would be sufficiently equipped and placed in a better position to negotiate the prices.
  • Recovered Paper Quality Certification Aim churns out through the utilization of BaleVision quality inspection and data analytics platform from merQbiz. This platform is further synchronized with the new BaleFacts report which provides objective quality data.
  •  merQbiz programs namely  “Confidence in Supply” (CIS) and “Confidence in Export” (CIE) solution have gained popularity amongst the suppliers during the trial runs. These are cloud-based solutions and thus provide ease of access through web sharing and data sharing.
  • The data modeling and data mining offered by this tool will be a new building block for the success of the paper industry. This will ensure not only the performance assessment but also quality management.
  • BaleFacts populates the data about RCP shipments in such a percolated manner that provides documented information for material inspection date, paper grade, shipment tonnage, bale identification numbers, content breakdown, a photo of each bale inspected, and average content breakdown of the overall shipment.
  • John Fox, merQbiz President and CEO stated that BaleFacts and BaleVision technicians either measure bale quality onsite at the seller’s location or the seller even can lease the inspection device to do their own quality checks.
  • As per the Global recycling industry latest news merQbiz has certified around 2,000 tons in the month of September. It was also reported that a family-owned materials recycling center in the Northeast is availing the CIE solution and is certifying exports to a buyer in the United Arab Emirates with the help of this tool.
  • The tool for certification is adequately secured and is also assisting in propelling domestic transactions. Chris Parsons, Export Director at merQbiz stated that a domestic mill also came to merQbiz for expanding and broadening its supplier base for high-quality newsprint grade and then they helped this mill in tying up with MRF.


The merQbiz CIS and CIE tools are sufficiently technologically advanced to instill substantial confidence at both the buyer side and the seller side. With this paradigm technological shift, the paper industry would all set to achieve new heights and set new pioneering benchmarks. It will also change the way businesses do ‘business’. Truly, it’s a path for going from good to great!!

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