Pulp and paper market growth – New Positives

Pulp and paper market growth

COVID-19 pandemic predicted to have an inimical impact on Pulp and Paper Market Growth which includes many chemical processes used in paper manufacturing.

Silver lining in pandemic

  • Despite China being centre stage for pulp and paper market growth, the pandemic has jolted spending patterns of consumers. Moreover, there have been restriction on the purchases of non-essential goods by governments in several COVID-19 smashed countries, leading to a further fall in demand for paper packaging industries.
  • According to latest study by Fortune Business Insights™, pulp and paper market size is expected to hit USD 368.10 Billion by 2027 with 0.8% CAGR over the projected timeframe.
  • The industry is poised for pulp and paper market growth with respect to bleaching and functional chemicals used in specialty paper production for applications like packaging, printing, and labelling.
  • The detailed report analysis assists in finding the best planning strategy to combat the pandemic. This analysis is presented in a new research called “Pulp and Paper Market Size, Share & COVID-19 impact analysis.
  • The global demand is forecasted to gain encouraging momentum due to widening purchases of cosmetics, grocery and food products by multifarious users from e-commerce platforms.
  • The Report addresses the below mentioned questions-
    • The areas and segments regulated by the industry.
    • How can the companies raise pulp and paper sales by 2019 – 20?
    • What tactics players be adopting to improve their roles?
    • What are the major challenges, opportunities, growth drivers and market dynamics?

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Drivers & Restraints

  • The Company’s switch to environmentally sustainability will stimulate growth in the recycling industry undoubtedly.
  • The leading FMCG, cosmetics and food companies are teaming up with paper and pulp manufacturers to introduce better approaches for packaging products. However, as paper industries require a bunch of wood, the water crisis and deforestation rates are scaling up, which may disrupt the market growth.

Segments under focus

  • With the increase in consumption of paper based packaging products, Wrapping & Packaging Segment is all set to see new highs. The sector is bifurcated into newsprint, sanitary, printing & writing, wrapping & packaging and others.
  • In the near future, India is supposed to maintain steady growth due to the country’s high demand for paper-based products. The growing economic growth in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam will give opportunities for paper manufacturers. On the other hand, North-America held USD 64.11 billion in terms of revenue in 2019.
  • The market Key players are concentrating on acquisitions & investments, which is a competitive background of the report. For instance, Nippon Paper Industries Co. Ltd. has acquired the paperboard and fiber based packaging business from Orora Limited (Newzealand). Georgia-Pacific Corporation also announced investments of USD 120 million in Naheola Paper Mill for improving its bath tissue business.

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The pandemic has given new positives to look at the visionary growth spur goals in the pulp and paper market growth at the global level.

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