Plastic Acid Rain is Streaming Down in the U.S Lands!

Plastic Acid Rain

Image source: Earthsky

The Plastic Acid Rain catastrophe has poisoned seas across the world and formed junkyard mounts. Microplastics have been observed flowing on the lands of the US and teeming down on the height of the grounds.

Plastic all pervasive    

  • The indispensable use of Microplastic has penetrated so deep into human lives that it neither is blossoming the survival nor is expediting the abandon. From water bottles to Tiffin boxes and safety pin to the steering wheel, the plastic has become the new normal – the plastic elasticity. Industrial paints and coatings are also contributing plastic micro-beads, for example in sprays, machine lubricants, disinfectants, etc. 
  • In a research, it was found that 30 percent of the sample particles were micro-beads in the beauty products. Though after this study, in 2015 the US banned using these tiny synthetic spheres. The Plastic Acid Rain menace goes un-noticed and un-heeded due to its nano nature, that is, the size of such micro-particles is smaller than four microns and its detection will be quite cumbersome if one is not complemented with the right types of equipment.

Environment – getting a new mint tint

  • The plastic micro-particles being ceded by the carrier wind and rain is a vexing concern for the flora and fauna of the US. Various studies provide empirical findings that plastic micro-particles somewhere close to 20 lakh pounds pitch annually into the national parks and wilderness areas located in the Western US. For the literary amateurs, this approximately accounts for 120-300 million plastic water bottles. Drop jaw fact is not it!!
  • While the US has thoroughly been impeccable in overcoming the menace of acid rain by stationing scrubbers in power plants, catalytic converters in the cars and the seething Plastic Acid Rain could turn out to be baleful jeopardy. By nature Micro Plastic is imperishable and enduring with the tendency of getting disintegrating and splintered. The result – it may get accumulated in water bodies and deep-sea ecosystems, erode the fertility of land, growth of microbes, floating in the air causing Plastic Pollution and above all peril the biotic. Their small size makes them travel to the lungs through breathing passage and that too without even experiencing or feeling the subversive air quality.

Is there any substitute

Don’t the humans want to embrace nature’s drench, It is not the nature’s soak an endearing experience. Yes, it is!! It thus becomes imperative for all to address this insidious problem by putting in the greatest possible efforts such as transitioning from plastic use to naturist use. The plastic usage problems arrived gradually and cannot be eliminated by a shot. Let’s begin moving from flak to flask by “shunning water bottle” and “mulling water receptacle”.

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