Pizza Box Recycling – the case with base

Pizza Box Recycling

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Domino’s wants you to think again if you believed for the pizza box recycling that the cheese lingering upon on cardboard could not be recycled.

Rallying factors

  • The easiest approach for Pizza Box Recycling is to split off the tainted parts and then only toss them into the garbage. The two toughest toxins in paper recycling are oil and grease and greasy pizza boxes are among the top perpetrators.
  • Domino’s boxes almost constitute 72% recycled properties, Since Domino is the largest Pizza selling company across the world, centered on retail revenue and with a global network of 17,100 stores in more 90 countries, the company’s drive to recycle additional boxes may have a notable effect.
  • Tim Mclnty, Domino’s management vice president of communications, added in a news release that the key objective is that customers will shun any myths about the reuse and recycling of pizza boxes and learn the facts for discarding their empty cardboard box in the trash bin — or request their province to advise them to insert pizza boxes to their piling.

Setting the recycling motion

  • A new analysis sponsored by WestRock revealed 73% of the people can enter to a pizza box recycling program. As per the Resource Recycling Systems access report, whereas 27 percent of the population is covered by programs with clear approval of pizza boxes, 46 percent have access to services that imply allowing pizza boxes. However, certain paper mills and the recycling industry doubt that the boxes may be irradiated.
  • Boxes of pizza that are made from cardboard paper can be recycled least seven times with a recycling pace of about 90%.
  • Best tips for organizing the pizza box recycling programs:
  • Pile the boxes from places where pizza gets eaten routinely like cafeterias, dining areas, conference rooms, and cabin-room buildings for students.
  • Choose the proper size container for the number of pizza boxes being produced in your facility.
  • Create awareness among the employees, customers, or students for throwing pizza boxes into the organics cascade or in the recycling bins.
  • Pizza, the American’s favorite snack, stouts with around 3 billion pieces being marketed each year. COVID-19 pandemic has changed the Americans’ eating habits, along with a surge in the home delivery and take out orders demand, the use of food packaging has also been on the climb.
  • US citizens run a recycling program that accepts pizza boxes, and some grease and cheese pinned to the cardboard doesn’t impact the recycled product quality.
  • GFL Environmental USA Inc which is a leading waste management firm, expressed that paper mills are generally unwilling to consider material tainted with food particles. Joseph Munem, director of government affairs for GFL, informed Crain’s via email, that most pizza boxes become clogged after they get used, yielding them unsavory to paper mills and, consequently, not recyclable, “.


Pizza boxes recycling can be a substantive contribution for saving environment on one hand and creating jobs on the other hand.

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