Paper recycling industry needs support for Chinese sanctions

paper recycling industry needs support

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Ever since China banned the import of recovered fiber in its territory, the recyclers and traders are globally rustled and agree that the paper recycling industry needs support.

Low exports daunting for the environment too

Those advocating the landfilling or burning of surplus recovered fiber resulting due to closed Chinese doors would be howling later due to the consequential battering carbon footprint on the planet.

This could be restrained by envisaging paper recycling industry needs support through collaborative efforts including the development of sustainable markets.

Achieving Realism

Various panelists at the webinar conducted by the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) discussed pragmatic approaches such as tax reliefs, promoting mandatory recycled content, and the like to propel the exigency that paper recycling industry needs support.

Past President Ranjit Singh Baxi of J&H Sales International in the UK strongly apostle developing sustainable markets for the products and exporting the surplus recovered fiber.

Boost to packaging industry

The packaging industry’s performance ‘very weak’ concerning using the recycled content and this could be a counter impetus for the packaging industry.

The paper recycling will witness repositioning due to packaging and many other products switching from plastic to paper, as affirmed even by Jean-Luc Petithuguenin of France-based Paprec.

Neutralizing sanctions

The Chinese sanctions can be neutralized to a reasonable extent by ensuring even-handed quality as well as exploring other Countries like Europe which are having an extension of end-of-waste status, as asserted by Francisco Donoso of Spain-based Alba Servicios Verdes.

Keith Trower, of Viridor Resource Management in the UK, on the other hand, emphasized the right quality and the consequent demand dynamics.

Substantial quantum and falling prices

Dominique Maguin of La Compagnie des Matières Premières in France states that at least fifty percent out of the 4200 lakhs tonnes of global production in the year 2018, has homogenized recycled fibers.

 He also foresees that the dearth of export outlets coupled with demand loss of around 120 lakhs tonnes due to the COVID pandemic may also result in a decline in prices in the future.

Do we have some positives?

As per the recycling industry latest news, Asia accounted for around 43% of world recovered paper production in 2018 resulting in almost 1100 lakh tonnes of output. Europe and North America respectively trail at around 670 lakhs tonnes and 520 lakhs tonnes thereafter. The optimism of the BIR’s webinar lime-lights the thoughts of Mr. Baxi that he expects production of 5000 lakhs tonnes of paper and board by the year 2030 on account of an anticipated increase in demand for paper packaging. Mr. Maguin also concord the supposition that population growth and demand for paper and board are correlated elements.


Though the Chinese policies and sanctions are demoralizing for the paper recycling industry collaborative efforts and exploring other markets across the globe could make see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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