Paper industry is going to capture 25% market share by 2025

Paper industry

The single-use plastic industry is now close to Rs 80,000 core and growing. 70% of plastic packaging is turned into waste in a small time.

With the growing debate on the impact of single-use on the environment, the paper offers a sustainable option. It captures a fourth of the Rs 80,000 crore single-use plastic market by 2025, in case it is banned by the government.

IN 2017-18, India generated 26000 tonnes/ day plastic waste. Out of which, 60 percent was recycled and the rest went to landfills. India’s plastic consumptions are into packaging while 70 percent is turned into waste.

Plastic waste poses a serious threat to land and water. Single-use plastic bags and styrofoam containers take nearly 1000 years for decomposition. Paper is an eco-friendly product. Paper industry plants more trees than harvested and primary raw material are 100 per cent renewable like wood and agro-residues.

Production of one tonne of paper takes 2.1 tonnes of wood. But here no forest wood is being utilised for paper manufacturing. The average cost of paper recycling is Rs 23/kg, Rs 20 for collecting paper trash and Rs 12 for conversion cost.

Energy consumption for paper production is  0.59 to 1.19 tonne of oil. It is same as opposed to 1.48 to 2.58 a tonne in plastic. As per the study, 55-60 per cent energy should be saved through the paper in place of plastic.  Director of Hyve India stated 100 percent paper can be recyclable as for fundamental and technological revolution.

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