Opportunities for India’s exports – Insulating Growth

Opportunities for India’s exports

India is among the swiftest growing economies in the world and has popped up during recent years with the astounding expansion of opportunities for India’s exports.

Drive for Economic Measures

  • Covid-19 brought the world to an unforeseen stop. In a shaky state, worldwide monetary possibilities showed up as obligations fuelled progress of the previous decade arrived at its cut-off points in both developed and developing countries. There thus arose a need for focusing on bolstering opportunities for India’s exports.
  • The corona-virus pandemic has boosted the unyielding crisis and highlighted it. The need for export-led growth becomes more relevant than ever in the impressions of those patterns. For a nation like India that has an extensive domestic market, high development must be supporting amidst attention on trade strategy.
  • The government has made gigantic walks in encouraging an empowering business environment by changing Foreign Direct Investment, endorsing the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, and other such changes since 2014, which has upgraded India’s tying into the world economy. The Export Preparedness Index (EPI) 2020 analyzes the export eco-system of Indian states and association domains to additionally upgrade India’s status to address the issues of the post-COVID worldwide economy.
  • Subsequently, the EPI 2020 targets understanding provincial export readiness. It recognizes that arrangement measures at the public level are not adequate to fortify exports and that endeavors should begin with improving domestic market rivalry.
  • Furthermore, improving country states’ export intensity can likewise alleviate local incongruities through exports driving the development and the ensuing ascent in expectations for everyday comforts. It is validated by the 2017-18 Economic Survey, which shows that five states – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana – dominated 70% of India’s exports which is a flabbergasted concern. India’s normal EPI score is 39 out of 100, betokening India’s massive potential for turning into a super-economy based on exports.

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  • Strategy and Business Ecosystem are the most aerial scoring pillars in the state-wise appraisal, with the Export Ecosystem as the least-scoring pillar. Few drawbacks in many states that obstruct export zeal are poor trade support, export infrastructure gaps, basic trade support, lack of access to the financial facility, and low export credit.
  • Further going deeper into the state-wise report asserts that no state had the option to score well on every pillar halting exceptions, for example, Gujarat and Maharashtra who’s positioning show little awkwardness across pillars. In this way, the opportunities for India’s exports are mounting the export potential and the competitive edge of numerous states stay undiscovered.
  • There is a lot of room around the nation for improving the R&D framework. Globalization also calls for high-quality products complemented by cost competitiveness, continuous improvement, use of GenY digital models and technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), and so on. 
  • India has shown the potential of becoming self-reliant and self-sufficient to a greater extent by promoting export-import and R & D innovation.


The Indian growth story is getting re-written in pandemic times. The resilient ways the country has shown to the world will be pioneering for the global market players for survival and sustainability of the trade and entrepreneurship.

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