No more a Kabadiwala! He is a hi-tech scrap collector

As most of the things, the addition of domestic discards is now a few step process. There are startup companies that are offering waste management services. Transforming kabadiwalas into hi-tech collectors that will be summoned through an application.

The firms assure in the recycling of the scrap. Furthermore, it will not be sent into the landfills, removes middlemen from the process which will further involve in the better value realization for all stakeholders.

Rapidue Technologies have launched UZED app in Hyderabad and Pune in January 2017. It picks up the scrap from nearly 400 homes daily. The company’s director states that it is an initiative for the responsible disposal of the waste. It is a further step to a greener tomorrow.

In June this year, Hyderabad-based Rapidue raise $2 million from Trinton Investment Advisors, the family of Ajay Parekh, who is the director of Pidilite Industries, Vijay ACHARYA, form MD of Bank of Singapore, and others. Very recently, it has launched services in Bangaluru and has plans to expand in Mumbai and Delhi.

This new initiative is a win-win situation for households and scrap collectors. Some raddiwalas have registered to be part of the initiative due to the rise in income. Another important factor is that the collectors are treated with respect by households. Began in 2015, RaddiConnect fetches scraps from 600 homes in Mumbai every month. The company further offers its customers a donation receipt as the monetary value of the discards is passed to an NGO.

As per the Swachh Bharat Mission report, urban India nearly generates 1.45 lakh tonnes of municipal solid waste. 23 percent is processed and 72 percent is landfilled.

According to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce, the opportunity of the circular economy, the system of resource utilization through reuse and recycling in India will be worth $500 billion by 2030.

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