Nigeria is taking serious initiative towards the chemicals and waste management

waste management

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The Chemical and Waste Management Programme is all focused on implementing the effective enforcement for sound management of chemicals and waste especially in Nigeria

Chemicals are used everywhere these days and for a long time in the industrial processes. Different forms of chemicals have set their position in manufacturing, power generation, health sectors and even agriculture are the leading consumer and importer in Nigeria.

Where the world is taking waste management processes and initiatives strictly, Nigeria too has joined the venture to contribute to saving the environment. With the effective management of chemicals and waste, Nigeria is interacting with acts for global activities.

What are the different global activities Nigeria is a part of?

  • Globally Harmonized System of Labelling and Classification of Chemicals; and
  • Curating effective strategy for International Chemical Management;

Nigeria is delving deep into the national chemical management processes trying to lower the threat of chemicals and waste on the environment as well as the living species. Different forms of initiatives are in queue formulated Sustainable Development Goals.

What steps is Nigeria taking?

  • In 1999, Nigeria created a national profile for the assessment of its chemical management architecture. The same profile was subjected to an update through a Nanosafety chapter in 2012, followed by implementation of a law on chemical management in 2010.
  • The aim has been on the integration of generating a national programmer for effective management of chemicals with the help of properly planned Nigeria’s chemicals management. This gives the pathway to throw light on the key factors, timelines and responsibilities for all the stakeholders in the market.
  • Loads of challenges have come into the way for implementing effective management of chemicals and waste in the country. Challenges like illegal traffic, trading in harmful chemicals and waste, crude oil processing, improper regulatory architecture, and more became a threat to the entire industrial market as well as the living existence.
  • On the other hand, the Federal Ministry of Environment has showcased concern on the multilateral environmental agreements integrating the multi-stakeholder approach in the form of national enforcement.

Projects presented by the Chemicals and Waste Management Programme aims at raising awareness for chemical and waste management to meet the national Sustainable Development Goals’. The government bodies will be acquiring the required training for the enhancement of the sound management of chemicals and waste.

Nigeria is setting up technological advancements and institutions offering a myriad of opportunities for such projects. “Strengthening of the institutional and legal Infrastructures for sound management of chemicals in Nigeria” is aimed to be completed by 2022. It is their firm belief in the progress of effective strategy for the chemical and waste management process without any loopholes.

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