New Strategic Idea for the improvement in Waste Collection in Lagos City

waste collection in lagos city

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More than 40 trucks made available in the city of Lagos for the improvement in waste collection supported by the Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAMN)

As per our latest global recycling and waste management news, the city of Lagos acquired new equipment for the waste collection process. Nearly 40 trucks showcased availability for the cleaning services to the economic capital of Nigeria supported by the Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAMN).

The trucks are put to use for the improvement in waste collection in the entire city of Lagos that has a population of more than 21 million.

Secretary-General of Private Sector Participation and AWAMN member stated that the advent of the 40 trucks have been planned in such a way that it has equal distribution to the operators and landfill sites. This will further help in the management of waste collection and disposal within a specific time range.

Challenges Faced in Lagos For Waste Management

  • Being the economic capital of Nigeria, the population of Lagos is also growing at an alarming rate. Due to this, nearly 1.2kg of waste is produced every day from a single inhabitant.
  • The total production of the collection of waste from Lagos round figures to nearly 13,000 tons. Making it a difficult move, waste management became a permanent challenge for the government bodies and authorities.

Lagos failed to fetch a strategic waste recovery system. The waste collected from different places including houses, industrial sectors and commercial enterprises, were directly forwarded to the landfill sites. The landfill threatened serious health hazards for the residents of the city. Without the proper collection, disposal and management of the waste, the pollution will be growing day by day.

Thus, people and the authorities need to take serious steps and enthuse others to participate in the new approach. Start-ups like “Wecyclers” collect household waste in return for a reward. So mainly, the inhabitants acquire some points that will help them gain some discounts or let them buy products or consumer goods.

The innovative approach of the start-up caught the attention of the global brand, Nestlé to come in association with Wecyclers. The collaboration professes the idea of waste collection points in the major places like Ikeja, Mushin, Lagos Island, Ajah and Magodo, where waste collection and recycling process will go hand in hand.

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