New Inquiry Set In The UK For Proper Disposal and Recycling Of Electronic Waste

disposal and recycling of electronic waste in UK

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The Environmental Audit Committee has re-introduced another inquiry for the enhancement of proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste in UK

One of the growing problems in the world is the disposal and recycling of E-waste. The number has risen considerably higher due to increasing customer needs and the costing gets more affordable for different electronic variants.

As per our research, nearly 50 million tonnes of e-waste was generated in 2018. If the number and the approach continue in the same way, by 2050, the same number will be doubled.

Is e-waste a threat?

  • Speaking of e-waste, there are nearly 60 different types of metals and chemicals combined for the formulation of the electronic device.
  • If not disposed of properly, it will be a huge threat not only to the species but also a threat in polluting and contaminating the environment.
  • Certain valuable materials if processed properly could become disposable and later be recovered and recycled.

There are different e-waste firms or organizations that take care of different countries’ disposal and recycling of e-waste. UK’s electronic waste is managed by the EU’s Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment (WEEE). While DEFRA created an annual target for WEEE’s collection on varied categories.

What will they look into?

  • The inquiry is all about making the target reach its mark and solve through the challenges that UK producers are failing to meet.
  • Not only this, but the government will also come out in support for the prevention against illegal export of waste to the developing countries.
  • It will seek enhancement in public awareness on e-waste and enhancement of the same.

Chairman of the environmental audit committee stated that regardless of the type and size of e-waste, the world has accepted electronic devices as the major part of their lives. With constant development in technology and trends,  people keep on finding the best and the new products. And the old ones are creating a heap of electronic waste in the market.

Different gadgets are not properly discarded or are getting mixed with other waste that prevents the step to the proper recycling process. In order to maintain its position, the UK has to become a leader in safeguarding the environment. Efficient strategies and customized solutions will help in bringing an efficient circular economy. With the implementation of such inquiry, businesses and industries will reduce e-waste and focus on recycling the same

Mobile company brands like O2 has shifted their focus to acquiring 3 million electronic devices from landfills. It turned out to be a success through their recycling program that encouraged people to dispose of their old gadgets and become responsible for sustainability.

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