New Form Of Plastic Created To Bring A Change In The Technological World


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While effective measures are taken for waste management, Bengaluru engineer developed a plastic that is as strong as steel but effectively light-weighted.

Whether it is a scientist or the engineers or even the common people, everyone these days is looking forward to effective ways for waste management and recycling. It is all about using the right form of materials for the recycling of the existing products in the market. Starting from automakers to mobile brands, everybody in the industry looks for lighter but robust  functionality for an embellished result.

Though on the other hand, something surprising has occurred in terms of plastic development. We know that plastic is getting banned from the nation, yet some engineer from Bengaluru R&D Facility of Saudi Arabia’s Sabic petrochemical industry formulated a new form of plastic. It focuses to be as strong as iron but is extremely light-weighted.

How has the plastic been created?

  • The engineers researched on the combination of resin metal based hybrid solution naming it Noryl GTX.
  • This solution combines well with Polyamide and PPE technology delivering a new form of dimension to the material as a whole.
  • Not only this, it is said to retain water absorption and becomes heat resistant.

Though this has not been the first discovery by the Bengaluru Engineers, nearly 300 professionals have been working on effective measures for the new technological revolution. Head of the Bengaluru facility, Rajeshwer Dongara stated that the design team is associated with global customer for the development of Noryl GTX structure. This light-weight material could be a good discovery towards designing car structures absorbing the frictional energy hindering the unstoppable situations. The Bengaluru team specialises in conceptualising and incorporating the designs based on vehicle type.

The Company’s Regional Head for Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia stated that this material is going to replace the traditional method of using plastic for the automaking industry. Rather Noryl GTX cuts weight up to 30% and maintains a high level of strength.

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