Nestle launches 2nd product with paper packaging


Nestle is keeping its 2025 pledge and has launched the 2nd product with recyclable paper packaging in the market.

Nestle is all set in launching its new product in the market which is known to be the 2nd in the row to follow is omitting plastic waste pledge. The globally reputed brand has formulated new paper packaging for its snack bar product, Yes! Bar. The newly launched recyclable paper pouch is incorporated in the new Nesquik All Natural Powder. It is another addition to the Nesquik range.

The global concern for plastic waste has been increasing at an alarming rate. As the industries and the governments’ are taking initiatives towards influencing people to omit plastic waste, it is also about making the right way of wrapping the products with the use of recyclable products.

Previously, Greenpeace criticised Nestle for not omitting single-use plastics. The Swiss company has taken the pledge of omitting the use of plastic packaging by 2025. And they are looking forward to implementing ways to develop new paper packaging material.

Nestle is finally implementing the 2025 pledge

In 2018, Nestle took the pledge of omitting the formulation of plastic packaging. They will completely switch to packaging recycling and making it reusable by 2025. Nestle featured paper packaging with its first Nesquik milk powder range in 2019.

Followed by this, Yes! Bar, that also uses paper packaging material which has been launched in 2019. The product was launched in the UK which will further release in the other parts of European countries including Germany and Ireland.

Nestle quoted about the new snack bar wrapper combines paper and water-based coating, serving as the best alternative to plastic packaging. The existing high-speed line could nearly package up to 500 snack bars every minute.

The all-new product in the market, Nesquik All Natural is a low sugar mixed product. The product mainly uses the alternative and natural ingredient in place of sugar which is raw sugarcane; mixed with cocoa gathered from Nestle’s Cocoa Plan in South Africa.

The senior brand manager for Nesquik stated that it took them 9 months for the development of paper packaging for the chocolate drink. Nestle is taking a huge and serious step towards packaging recyclable and reusable by 2025. The measurable steps are going to be a blessing in disguise.

The pouches are made of coated paper. The papers have been tested properly so that they are properly transported and safe to store. The packaging products are well tested and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The product is all available in Tesco UK and will be soon available in Sainsbury until June.

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