Natural HDPE Plastic Record Prices Hike

HDPE Plastic Record Prices Hike

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Acquired from curbside collection programs, Natural HDPE plastic record prices a higher trade in comparison to last month

As per prices acquired from Secondary Materials Pricing (SMP) Index, Natural high-density polyethene/HDPE plastic record prices that surged by 61 cents per pound. On the other hand, the average mixed-paper price rose by several dollars. 

As stated from curbside collection programs, Natural HDPE garners a national average of 61.63 per pound which is quite higher in comparison to last year. Even the color HDPE has also increased over the last month. The trade per pound rose to 14.59 cents getting sure of 69 percent from the last month. 

Increase and Decrease In The Price Of The Materials – 

  • As per the recycling industry latest news, the price of mixed paper has risen to an average price of $23 per ton which is nearly $5 more per ton in comparison to the last month. 
  • The national average price for corrugated containers or PS 11 rather decreased to $59 per ton.
  • The sorted residential paper again is up in the market with an average of $40 per ton in comparison to last month. 
  • PS 37 or Sorted office papers declined by $5 per ton, now trading at $86 per ton. 

The national average price of PET beverage bottles and jars decreased by nearly 6.50 cents per pound now. On the other hand, polypropylene rose to 5.38 cents per pound. 

While the ones that remain unchanged are baled aluminium cans and sorted baled steel cans. They are trading now at 45.74 cents per pound and $78.44 per ton respectively. 

Speaking of the national average price of Grade A, B and C – 

  • Grade A is high up by 5 percent trading to 8.38 cents now
  • Grade B diminished to 3.38 centres in comparison to last month (3.50 cents)
  • Grade C film remains unchanged  –  1.06 cents.

The feature of the national average prices is acquired as per the analyzed reports from Secondary Materials Pricing Index. It showcases the reports on what is getting paid for post customed recyclable materials which are conducted in a well-sorted, baled format at the recycling centers. 

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