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Morrison’s bags for life

Source : Daily Post

The chain-store is planning to dump all the plastic ”Morrison’s bags for life” and piloting paper trials thereto for the reasons that they are disposed-off post using once.

Eliminating plastic the paper way

  • The company said that 90m of Morrison’s bags for life are used annually which is equivalent to 3,510 tons of plastic per annum. This can be saved as it will be supplying solid paper bags in eight supermarkets from Monday onwards instead of reusable plastic bags, and if customers are satisfied, it will be selling them at all 494 stores.
  • David Potts, CEO of the food retailer Morrison commented, “We think buyers are aware now and willing to stop using plastic carrier bags because they want to lessen the amount of plastic they have in their lives to keep the environment safe and healthy.”
  • Morrison’s tells that paper bags can hold weight up to 16kg, covered with handles and load up to 13 bottles of wine-just as much as the plastic counterparts.
  • Further added, ”We’ve noticed that many people are taking plastic bags back to the supermarket, but at the same time they forget that they can use them gain as they are compact, durable and reusable. Supermarket states step reflects signs that reusable plastic bags are being tossed away after one use.
  • Waitrose said that it conducted its own trials later this year to ban the bags for forever. The two largest, Tesco and Sainsbury, have taken measures to minimize the use of plastic in their stores. This way they encouraged and ring-fenced the use of bags for life.
  • The bags are made from 100% plastic which is recyclable, Tisco said. It has decided to stop using plastic bags to supply online grocery stores following a successful trial previous year.
  • According to Sainsbury’s remarks, which is the 2nd biggest retail chain in the United Kingdom, with a 16.0 percent share of the grocery industry, it was the first retail to prohibit plastic bags from fresh fruit, vegetables and bakery products.
  • The details shared by Sainsbury are similar for its bags, and indicated that it was also making attempts to introduce bag-less deliveries, which were temporarily halted and accordingly deferred on account of disruptions and lockdown caused by the pandemic.
  • Recent statistics indicate the percentage of single-use plastic bags disbursed by the big supermarkets in England has dropped more than 95% since the 5p charge made its way in the year 2015. Prior to the introduction of aforesaid 5p charge, pioneer supermarkets handed out a close to 7.6bn bags per year.
  • Numbers from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs revealed that the largest retailers in the past financial year distributed 226m of single-use bags, 322m which is less than in 2018-19. Morrison’s bags for life are the plastic bags not only used once for lifetime until being discarded.


The decision taken by the food retailer will be leaving its green footprints which even would be followed by its peers in the industry.

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