Meltdown in USA Paper and Plastic Export in 2019

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The ban on import of materials from China has caused a severe downfall to the U.S exports falling to the lowest levels in a decade.

The United States has faced a major decline in the scraps and plastic export. The U.S Census Bureau has unveiled the trading data for December 2019. The analysis of 2019’s recycling materials exports from the U.S ports has been stated into the results.

Recovered fiber exports from US experienced steepest fall year on year in 2019. Also, scrap plastic exports followed the same trend.

What are the records of the recycled paper exports?

As per facts and figures, US has exported 18.1 million tonnes of fiber commodities that included mixed paper, newsprint and much more. It is believed that the downfall of nearly 3 million tonnes happened from 2018.

The decline of such a big number estimates how the U.S recycled paper export shipments have been declining nearly by 13 percent in 2019. The facts and figures are already out in the industry. This downfall is not just restricted to recycled paper exports but also fiber exports getting to the lowest since 2006.

With China’s National Sword import policy, their repercussions are pretty evident. The Chinese market has been decreasing at an alarming rate since 2019.

Regardless of the laws and the band imposed from 2018, U.S fiber exports flourished during that period. Countries apart from China have been importing more materials to offset the diminishing business of China in 2018.

The same did not happen the following year. Southeast Asian export market nations including India, South Korea, and Indonesia have reduced the fiber imports from the U.S in 2019. Other countries are still working on implementing the same within the course of one year.

OCC shipment contributed maximum decline of 1.9 million tonnes in 2019 in the overall decrease in US export (nearly 3.1 million tonnes)

Which countries have been the largest export market for the US?

Chines importing nearly 5.8 million tons

India importing nearly 3.3 million tons

Mexico importing 1.5 million tons

South Korea imported 1.1 million tons

Taiwan nearly 1 million tons

Indonesia with 990,000 million ton

Thailand with 580,000 million ton followed by Malaysia 200,000 at the last

What is the basic reason for the decline in plastics?

As you already know, the USA has a drastic downfall in the export industry with the lowest in 2019. Scrap plastics faced the serious threat the most last year in comparison to 2002

2019 has seen the export of nearly 1.46 billion pounds of scrap plastic. Within a year, the scrap plastic export has detonated to 38 percent.

This reason behind the downfall has been due to the drop of export materials from major countries  – Malaysia reaching 133 million pounds from 450, Thailand reaching 60 million pounds from 236 and India 188 million pounds from 294.

The major changes have been due to the implementation of the laws and policies just like China’s law enforcement and India’s ban on scrap plastic import last year.

On the other hand, the countries which did flourish last year have been Indonesia with 54 million, South Korea with 68 million, Malaysia with 133 million, Mexico with 79 million, Taiwan with 76 million, Canada with 329 million and Turkey with 64 million. With China’s ban on scrap plastic import, the USA has lost its position in the market.

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