McDonald’s new reusable cup – environmental rationality

McDonald’s new reusable cup

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In an era where environmental sanity talks are in rounds, McDonald’s new reusable cup venture has become one of the exciting biz-talks today.

Loop system to reuse the cup

  • McDonald’s new reusable cup mechanics the circular packaging service Loop. This service is in partnership with the recycling innovator Terracycle.
  • The loop service modus-operandi entails the process of providing options to the customers with a durable Loop-created cup for a small deposit. Such a deposit can be refunded once the cup gives back to the McDonald’s restaurants. Thereafter, the restaurant will wash the cups and make it reusable via such a Loop system.
  • The aforementioned mechanics for McDonald’s new reusable cup envisions curtailing the packaging waste to a greater extent and is poised to start its trials in the year 2021 in a chain of McDonald’s restaurants spread across the UK.
  • Jenny McColloch, the firm’s vice president of global sustainability, echoes the environmental sustainability efforts by stating that there is a need to explore the ways for packaging the products and giving the customers methodological choices for waste reduction. He further casts full faith in the potential of loop service for solving the aforementioned problem.
  • Besides above, McDonald which is one of the popular US fast-food giants, who is contemplating handling waste produced by its cups in all its UK stores, has already tested the scheme of the Recup system in Germany. In this scheme, the customers ask for a reusable coffee cup prior to giving it back for getting it cleaned and reused.
  • McDonald’s has also partnered with Tesco and introduced an online shopping platform. This offers the customers a broader variety of daily use products wrapped in durable packaging which instead of getting trashed is returned and is capable of being reused thereafter.


The loop service launched by McDonald is expected to achieve the desired results in a participative manner whereby the customers are also encouraged and sensitized towards environmental sanity.

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