MassBio and Veolia Partnership – synergizing waste-management

MassBio and Veolia Partnership

Towards a path-breaking alliance, the MassBio and Veolia Partnership are eyeing on all-round waste management mechanics.

Saving the environment the bio-ways

  • The MassBio and Veolia Partnership have ventured together to give a thrust to its flagship savings and rewards program namely MassBio Edge.
  • Veolia North America will serve as a core ally for Mass Bio with respect to all forms of waste management including transportation, dumping, training, and legal compliances for perilous and radioactive waste substances.
  • MassBio, as is popularly called for Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, has entered into business arrangements with Veolia, to offer eclectic mechanisms for recycling and waste management.
  • Jason Cordeiro, Vice President of Edge Operations, MassBio expressed that besides the concerns for dumping medical and pharmaceutical wastes, the MassBio and Veolia Partnership is also focusing on innovative and improved ways of providing waste management services.
  • Bob Cappadona, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Veolia North America also echoed the similar views and expressed his zeal for making the partnership as one of the most innovative and cost-saving ventures by encouraging investments in further research and development.
  • As per the recycling industry’s latest news, the aforementioned partnership will provide its waste management services to various sectors across the board like hospitals, biotechnology, life sciences, universities, industrial and municipal end-users, etc.
  • In addition, the MassBio-Veolia venture themes around improving the environmental efficiencies by eliminating waste through resource recovery practices and propelling waste minimization by reducing the number of hazardous wastes achieved through a thorough application of innovative or alternative procedures.
  • The partnership offers waste management recycling services across the United States through its wide network of around forty-five sales, services, treatment, and disposal centers.


Effective waste management entails a series of activities like the collection, transportation, and disposal as well as monitoring and regulation of the whole waste management process. The MassBio and Veolia partnership will surely inculcate waste management projects using a diverse suite of products and services. This, in turn, will lead to a reduction in environmental footprint, impeccable regulatory guidance, and enriched progress of the industry.

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