L’Oreal recycling initiative – Environmental Making-up


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The beauty products industry is also not shying away from its environmental responsibilities as is propounded by L’Oreal recycling initiative in this context.

Recycling drive and make-up synergies

  • L’Oreal recycling initiative has been augmented to a greater magnitude in order to combat the plastics crisis and move towards a circular economy through intensifying its efforts by mixing modern packaging composed of recycled plastics and with customer recycling advocacy drives.
  • As per the latest recycling news L’Oreal UK & Ireland has collaborated with Terracycle to begin a nationwide makeup recycling project around the UK, allowing consumers to come back with empty bottles of any colored cosmetic brand at the store spot points throughout the country.
  • The sell-off points could be identified in selected retailers-Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, and Boots and accepted compacts, mascaras, liquid eyeliners, make-up palettes, lipsticks, and other products including such caps, pumps, and sprays.
  • The system does not accept nail prints, make-up brushes, or aerosols, and L’Oreal suggested glass and cardboard tended to be recycled by normal processes.

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  • L’Oreal Paris Elvive will now be manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, it announced this September, conserving 900 tons of plastic yearly. Further, there will be elimination of all-metal labels to help the reuse and recycling.
  • An accompanying ad-campaign recently launched will concentrate on three Elvive bottles designed like the recycling logo, and will highlight a request for customers to “remember recycling with Elvive.”
  • The campaign also points out that L’Oreal Paris Elvive grants 50p to campaign group recycle for each of the first 100,000 Elvive hair treatments distributed in Boots. Vismay Sharma, Country Managing Director for L’Oreal UK and Ireland informed, “We are both changing our brands through our UK product network to make packaging durable and environment-friendly with making substantial investments to encourage and drive customers to upcycle the beauty products.”
  • Being an established brand in beauty, L’Oreal’s future program’s objectives are to empower the clients and makers over its flexible chain that will have their environmental impression as well.
  • The endeavors cluster around the L’Oreal recycling initiative for the Future reusing methodology presented in June 2020, which featured a progression of commitments which ensures that 100% of its packaging will be made by 2030 from reused or bio-based materials.


The cosmetic industry taking a leap for environmental sustainability will pave a long way for a pioneering drive for others to follow.

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