Loop Recycling facility Europe – Venturing Transformation

Loop Recycling facility Europe

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Loop Industries and Suez are all set to declare plans to cast the first Infinite Loop recycling facility in Europe.

Technological Collaboration

  • Technology company Loop Industries and environmental services company SUEZ has revealed that they will operate a recycling facility in Europe that can continuously recycle plastic preventing quality deterioration, using Loop Recycling facility Europe latest technology.
  • Loop Industries, a pioneer in sustainable plastics technology, and SUEZ, a ringleader in environmental services.

Synergized efforts

  • The collaboration will fuse the resource management skills of Suez and Loop’s technologies for the assembling of virgin quality, food-grade, 100 percent recycled, and indefinitely recyclable plastic based on improved recycling.
  • The Loop’s patented and proprietary low-energy technology lets waste plastic to be recycled a paramount number of times, without any quality depravity.
  • The Infinite Loop facility, coupled with Suez’s expertise, will adapt to the tremendous demand growth in Europe from global beverage and consumer goods brand companies driven to lofty goals for a high level of recycled content in their products.

Operational framework

  • SUEZ has been engaged in mechanical plastic recycling for more than ten years, while actively participating in science & innovation. In 2019, processed 450,000 tons of plastics and produced 150,000 tons of recycled plastics throughout Europe.
  • “We are delighted to be part of this groundbreaking project with Loop Industries, strongly persuaded by the complementarity between mechanical and chemical recycling solutions, as it will extend our offering and our solutions to heighten the economic and environmental efficiency of our industrial customers, but also contribute to sustainable resource management,” said Jean-Marc Boursier, chief of SUEZ Group.
  • For Loop and clients, the extension of technology around Europe has always been of notable strategic importance. We are pleased to be partnering with SUEZ’s outstanding team, who added a complementary skill set to Loop’s team with their intense resource management expertise,’ said Daniel Solomita, founder and chief executive of Loop.

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Visionary goals

  • As per the Recycling Industry latest news, the new improved recycling facility committed to PET1 plastic will be the biggest in the world, with the possibility to create what might be comparing to roughly 4.2 billion food grade drink bottles2 made of 100% reused and interminably recyclable PET plastic every year.
  • Particularly in parallel to virgin PET production from a traditional petrochemical process, the facility would be able to report savings of 180,000 tons of CO2 annually. These savings equate to around 418,000 barrels of oil. Loop Recycling facility Europe will bestow a competitive and genuinely required alternative for worldwide consumer goods sectors.
  • According to the study, the final site selection and engineering is projected to be accomplished in the mid-2021, and implementation of the facility is tentatively planned for 2023.


The new venture with the most updated technology will ensure the environment and entrepreneur sustainability.

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