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INEOS recycled plastics progress

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In the wake of conserving and replenishing the depleting environment, INEOS recycled plastics progress is all set to freeze new benchmarks.

Collaborative Efforts

  • UK chemicals group INEOS recycled plastics progress created a buzz in combining recycled plastics into more demanding applications, while Coca-Cola is introducing two new recycled plastics initiatives across Europe.
  • In the UK, chemical giant INEOS Olefins & Polymers presented another new supply collaboration with waste management company Saica Natur for reused LDPE and LLDPE, which is expected to provide the chemical solutions to the firm to satisfy the expanding need for more elevated levels of reused plastics of top quality.
  • A couple of initiatives aimed at addressing the increasing global plastics crisis unveiled, as more manufacturers are trying to cut the use of virgin plastics and move towards concepts of a circular economy.
  • Rob Ingram, CEO of INEOS, said, “We have the creativity, push, ability and capacity to turn towards a circular economy for flexible packaging plastics along with Saica Natur.”
  • “Saica are specialists in post-consumer plastic film recycling. INEOS has experience in polymer science to enhance the consistency, design, and efficiency of the finished product. We are overwhelmed to incorporate these highly innovative packaging items to our recycling range”, he further added.
  • As per the Recycling industry latest updates, Coca-Cola in Western Europe announced a set of new confinements at the customer end of the supply chain, as the company is seeking to cut the use of virgin plastics. Both Coca-Cola Netherlands and Coca-Cola Norway agreed to transition within the next year to plastic bottles made of 100 % recycled plastic (rPET). The initiative cites the news that the company’s Swedish organizations were taking a similar measure towards the finish of a year ago.
  • By October 2020, Coca-Cola Netherlands plans to transform all small bottles and all big bottles in the first half of 2021, and would be sustaining more than 10,000 tons of fresh virgin oil-based plastic. Coca-Cola Norway on the other hand is expected to remove around 4,300 tons of virgin plastic, on the same timelines.
  • The step strengthens the engagement of Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) to drive towards using 100% rPET and excrete new virgin oil-based PET in all its bottles over the next decade, the company announced.
  • In addition to the production of recyclable plastic, the partnership should help INEOS recycled plastics progress to produce performant polyethylene resins that provide more than 60% of recycled plastics that integrating into complex applications like stretch films and lamination films.
  • CCEP’s vice president of sustainability Jon Franses also announced the wider roll out of Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) similar to extant markets in Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway which observe high collection rates for superior quality material with less contamination.


The awareness for plastic recycling imbibed in the industry will create new milestones in curbing carbon imprints on the environment with technological and sociological innovation and advancement.

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