Industry Alliance AARC Increasing Recycling of Paper-Based Cartoons By 20%


In the 6th edition of National Recycling Partners Meet in Gurugram, Tetra Pak India collaborates over 40 of its collection involving 23 cities and 18 states in India for recycling of products. The groups focus on robust recycling ecosystem for paper-based carton packages over 16 years. This is the platform for recognizing partners to increase the collection.

Ashutosh Manohar, Managing Director – Tetra Pak South Asia says, “With AARC bringing together resources and experience from across the F&B industry, we are very excited about the new milestones that we can reach together as an industry”

Praveen Agarwal, CEO of AARC professed the commitment to building a strong base and increase the collection of recycling to at least by 20%. They will also expand the collection footprint from 23 cities to 35 over the next 2 to 3 years. This will further help in the increase in the recycling rate significantly. AARC currently has 17 member organizations representing juice, dairy, pharma, spirits and paper-based packaging manufacturing companies including Tetra Pak and SIG Combibloc.

Did you know?

The keynote address of the National Recycling Partners Meet was Shri Amardeep Raju, Assistant Director – Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, who spoke about the importance of boosting recycling in India. He spoke about the steps taken by the government for promoting waste management like Swachh Bharat Mission. Also, a special session was conducted by Dr Suneel Pandey, Senior Fellow- TERI. He shared the concluded study revealing 54% cartons sold in India are recycled now.

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