India’s first e-waste clinic to open in Bhopal

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Bhopal Municipal Corporation in collaboration with CPCB will be imposing the initiative for the scientific disposal of all e-waste.

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is all set to witness a makeover in the electronic waste disposal and collection. The electronic waste is going to be collected by the Bhopal Municipal Corporation. It will further include the process of segregation, processing, and disposal of waste including household and commercial ones.

The BMC vehicle will be taking over the model project by the Central Pollution Control Board. State Level Waste Management MP, Imtiaz Ali states that the e-waste at present is not dumped properly. This is leading to more pollution in the environment causing a threat to the natural species. The e-waste will be collected accurately and will be further sent to Alwar in Rajasthan for the proper disposal process.

What has been the process introduced by CPCB?

  • E-Waste clinic is the commencement process of a 3-month pilot project. If the venture is successful, more e-waste clinics will be established in India.
  • BMC official will be taking over the collection of electronic waste from door to door. This will be an initiative for the proper disposal of electronic waste.
  • On the other hand, the CPCB will be collaborating with BMC to support the clinic. The clinic has been built with the use of junk low floor bus which is something interesting to look at.
  • The entire bus is decorated with electronic waste materials. You might even see a TV that is subjected to showcase documentary films on the environmental damage caused by e-waste.

What mainly occurs is the e-waste is often mixed with normal waste or the local garbage and segregation become difficult. Only 1.5% is recycled in India. Proper disposal of the same has become a need now. The Civic Body aims in making Bhopal the first state to implement scientific disposal of e-waste completely.

Nearly 250 MT of e-waste is generated in the place. This includes lead, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants. In 2019, BMC paved for the initiative to enhance and improve the hygiene and cleanliness in Bhopal.

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