India plans to increase scrutiny – metals wariness


India plans to increase scrutiny on copper and aluminum import following afterward planning arrangements to reduce domestic makers’ shipments from China and Asian countries.

Domestic industry savior

  • In the wake of India plans to increase scrutiny mechanism for copper and aluminum imports, New Delhi authorities are envisioning ordering importers to enlist themselves with authorities as a first move in the direction of tight controls that would call for sanctioning for the two metals’ individual shipments, government sources apprised about this on the conditions of anonymity considering the sensitivity of this materially vital information.
  • The transition towards broader screening aims to promote economic independence, the ministry of federal mines responded in a letter to the ministry of commerce. The letter reviewed by Reuters relates to the measures taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to dwindle imports and enhance value-added commodity exports.
  • “The system is meant to have ample information so that a sound policy solution can be concocted,” the mines ministry mention in a statement. The prime objective of stricter tracking would be to limit copper and aluminum imports to a narrowly defined list of items that would demand importers to take a government-issued license for each shipment.
  • India’s services of government mines and commerce didn’t react to inquiries for input. “The testing will help us to set up approaches, for example, presenting either of the metals to the restricted choice of products, as we will have sufficient information to perceive what is being brought into the nation,” said the government official.
  • China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand are one of the key copper exporters, stories for 45% of India’s $5 billion in 2019/20 copper imports, official data revealed. India is devising a similar system for imports of aluminum, primarily from China, sources said.

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  • As per the inputs gathered by the Reuters from Mr. B.K. Bhatia Joint Secretary-General of Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI) which is the biggest mining construction group in India, it is understood that China is a big threat to the aluminum industry in India.
  • As per data available, scrap imports hit about 58% of India’s aluminum demand since April, at prices 22% more economical than domestic primary aluminum. India plans to increase scrutiny and imported aluminum valued about $4.4 billion in 2019/20, data from the government portrayed. China was the most abundant producer, exporting over $1 billion aluminum.
  • India has widened its boundaries to trade and investment against Chinese firms following a brutal confrontation along the argued Himalayan border in June.


The decision for curbing imports of copper and aluminum metals indicates that the Government is resolute for not leaving any stone unturned in order to push economic self-reliance of the country.

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