India has deepened relationship ties with vicinal countries

India has deepened relationship ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on 15th August, 2020 that India has deepened relationship ties with all of the neighbourhood overseas countries.

Macro snippets

  • In main segments, Modi announced that India has deepened relationship ties with West Asian and ASEAN countries across segments. Indian political, cultural, and human relations with Western Asian countries have made timely progress and trust with them has also flourished, he elaborated.
  • PM Narendra Modi on this Saturday metaphorically called neighbouring countries as heart-connects and not merely the geographical-connects.
  • India is actively seeking to strengthen its age-old cultural, social, and economic relations with its peers. South Asia is close to one-fourth of the world’s population and through collaboration we can develop unlimited hopes of progress and expansion for large number of people, “Modi said as he addressed the nation from the Red Fort ramparts on India’s 74th Independence Anniversary.
  • Announcing that all the nation’s leaders have an immense responsibility for their people’s stability and prosperity, the Modi said, more the unity and prosperity there will be in the region, the better it will be in favor of society. India has deepened relationship ties and our economic ties are fairly important, especially in the power sector. In those countries a huge proportion of our sisters and brothers are employed. India is enhancing collaboration with these countries not only in the defence field but also in the marine resources’ arena, he added.
  • Today, India’s global enthusiasm has upped as 184 out of 192 countries endorsed India for the election to be a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

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Micro snippets

PM Modi also discussed India’s engagement in the COVID-19 vaccine race where below points are focused areas:

  • Every Indian will get a health ID to access the healthcare facilities that will include records of patient history, treatments, and diagnostic reports and synopses of prior discharge from hospital for illnesses. The Goal is supposed to add quality and openness to the country’s healthcare services.
  • Country has formulated an action plan to ensure that a Covid-19 vaccine reaches every person in the shortest time span. He claimed that vaccine is in the different trials stages in the country.
  • PM Modi affirmed that a new cyber security policy will shortly be introduced by the Government. The National Cyber Security Strategy 2020 plan, which foresees formulating a stable cyber security in India, being designed this year expects to be done and dusted soon.
  • Actively supported grand plans for Ladakh, he explained, “just as Sikkim has made its mark as an organic state, the efforts are underway to make Ladakh a carbon-neutral region.” He further revealed that elections in Jammu and Kashmir would take place as soon as the Union Territory delimitation process comes to an end. PM Modi also revealed Lion and Dolphin Project. The two projects are being decided to launch in the northern areas to preserve Asiatic lions and dolphins.
  • He spoke about Women’s economic empowerment, which strongly aims to include Sanitary Napkins to be sold at Re 1. He said the government is evaluating regarding the minimum age of marriage for women and has set up a special committee to look into the case.
  • PM Modi announces the mission of linking India’s more than six lakh villages with optical fiber along with the expansion of the NCC (National Cadet Corps). Further, he talked about a proposal to link the entire country to the multi-model communication infrastructure that has been planned.
  • PM Modi emphasized the need to improve and broaden ties with neighbouring countries irrespective of whether they are tied to us through land or from the sea.


In Modi-II phase, the country has made a mark at global level across all the sectors. The country has taken the world in its stride while following its parallel attribute of being “peace-loving nation”. May we witness the country becoming “vishwa guru” soon.

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