India extends the timeline for the plastic scrap import ban

plastic bottle waste

India is trying to take the best initiative for imposing a ban on scrap plastic imports by 31st August and will completely ban the use of plastics sooner.

India’s Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate have clarified that importer’s in the country’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Export Oriented Units (EOUs) will be debarred from its scrap plastic import ban by 31st August this year. This has been revealed by the Recycling International and EUWID. The period of transition is expected to enable any shipments in transit for further processing.

As per ISRI, plastic exports to India for the first 11 months of 2018 acquired more than 120 million kg. That gains a worth of $46 million. The new amendment to the 2016 regulations stated that the previously loophole has been left open. The government states that plastic import ban and other 3 amendments to its waste management regulations are the ventures to “strengthen the implementation of environmentally sound management of hazardous waste in the country.”

Just like India, China to has an environmental concern and they are willing to bring a better chance. Last year, when the material imports have been increasingly shifted from China to neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Vietnam. These countries have environmental issues over becoming the world’s dumping group for waste. On the other hand, Thailand has announced its total ban on scrap plastic imports by 2021.

The similarities between India’s and China’s material bans are due to the increasing waste. Speakers at last fall’s Plastics & Paper Recycling Conference in Chicago repeatedly highlighted India as one of the countries with the largest untapped capacity.

While there is still no clarity on when India’s plastic scrap ban will come to effect properly. If there are any resins exempted, the regulation is going to affect global scrap plastic markets. India is going to further stop the use of plastics.

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